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When you have a busy family life it can be really hard to keep everything organized. You  need to keep track of what everyone is doing, and when. But there is a really easy, and free, way to keep your entire family organized! Read on for what you need and how to do it!


In our home, as I am sure in yours too, it is hard to keep everything and everyone on track. Between schedules for school, work, appointments, errands needing to be done, shopping needed and so on, it is really hard for every family member to keep and stay on track and organized. 

But there are so many apps and resources that are around to help us all out – including Cozi, which I now use and love for all our family organization needs.


Family all together


Every family member in our home has a smartphone, and apparently (especially with teenagers) they are an extra body part, and the mere idea of a day away from their phone is like medieval torture.  But the Cozi app is one that I don’t mind my family using their phones constantly for, and this organization app keeps me and my family completely on track, and the best part?  It is absolutely free! So I really have no hesitation shouting from the rooftops about this app because it has helped me and my family so much, and it is completely free to use!!  Did I also mention that it is free to use??! (head over to Cozi now to sign up for a free account if you just want to get on with it!)

(This post contains affiliate links.  If you sign-up for Cozi following any of the links below I will receive a small commission. But you are under no obligation to sign up using my links, and if you do use my links there is absolutely no cost to you – Cozi is FREE!).

If you are tired of your kids saying they had no idea of when their dentist appointment was and so went to soccer practice instead.  Or you are fed up of going to the grocery store, and then returning home and realizing you forgot something.  Perhaps you keep missing birthdays, or when you are going to be late home and you ask your husband to start dinner, does he get out of doing it because he doesn’t know the recipe?!

Cozi is an organization app for smartphones and computers that links family members together with shared calendars, To Do lists and many other features.  These are some of the wonderful FREE features that Cozi has and that you and your family can use for all your organization needs.  I use ALL these features and love them:

(if you want to head straight over to Cozi now to sign up – it is free – you can skip the rest of this post by clicking here. But read on if you want to know everything that Cozi can do for you and your family.)

Keep a shared family calendar
The calendar feature of Cozi is really the creme de la creme of Cozi!  The shared calendar is color-coded and it allows a whole family view, or just an individual view for each family member.

You can also integrate your other calendars that you may use already into Cozi (we integrated all our Google calendars).   I know of some moms also who are using Cozi calendars to plan out their homeschooling curriculum for their kids, so everyone has access to the curriculum and tasks at all times.

Get Cozi - it's free! 

Keep grocery shopping lists
Plug your weekly grocery list into Cozi, and it will be there for the entire family to see. When you are actually at the store you can pull up the list to make sure you don’t forget anything. 

The other great thing about Cozi grocery lists is that any family member can add what they need to the list at any time.  Perhaps your son wants something in particular for lunch – he can just add it to the shared shopping list and it will automatically pop up when you are doing your weekly shop. 

You can also keep your shopping list divided into categories – such as fruits and vegetables, so that when you are actually in the fruit and vegetable section of the grocery store you will have the exact list for that section to hand. I can’t tell you how helpful that is!

In addition, you can also create one master list for every single grocery item, or you can keep separate lists for different stores. I have a general list for Safeway, but I also have a special list for Trader Joe’s.   You can even add items from Amazon Echo or Alexa straight to your shopping list “Alexa add bread to my grocery list.”

Keep To Do lists
You can keep your entire family’s tasks and chores all together in one place.  No excuses for not returning that library book on time!, or forgetting to pick up that prescription!  It is possible to create many different To Do lists within Cozi: Family To Do lists, packing lists, home repair list – anything at all that your family needs to keep track of. 

Individual family members can have their own lists, not just a shared list. Our family has a shared list for Christmas present ideas even – when somebody thinks of something they would like they add it to the list. 

Another great thing about Cozi  and its To Do lists is that if you put a date next to a task it will automatically be transferred over to your calendar. These To Do lists can even be printed out, such as a chore list for kids, or a packing list that everyone needs to refer to in print.

Cozi also has some great list templates that you can use, including a vacation planning checklist, school supplies list, a kids birthday party checklist, family budget checklist, and many more, so you don’t always have to create your own planning list from scratch.  We use the family budget checklist (but I wish everyone would stick to it!)

Cozi has a ‘Recipe Box’ feature that enables you to keep your family’s favorite recipes all in one place, for the entire family to see.  It also has a fantastic meal planning feature that allows you to drag and drop your specific recipes and meals onto particular days of the week.  Now you can answer the age old question “what’s for dinner tonight?” by telling them to just go and look at Cozi!

Cozi also has an amazing feature in its recipe section that hooks into your grocery list.  You can easily transfer the ingredients that you need for a recipe straight into your grocery shopping list, which makes it so easy and convenient for meal planning (and meal planning is just the key..)

If you find a recipe online, there is an easy feature in Cozi that will enable you to transfer it over to your Cozi app.  No more having to keep recipes printed out that get lost, or losing track of recipes that you emailed to yourself. I don’t even spend time writing out recipe cards anymore, because I can just keep it all here. This is a wonderful organization tool for your recipes!

And something I just love!: you know when you are preparing a certain recipe and you have to keep it lit up on your phone to follow, but it keeps dimming out and shutting out, so you have to place your tomato stained fingers all over your phone screen?! Well you won’t have to do that anymore with Cozi – there is a ‘Cooking Mode’ feature which enables your screen to stay lit all the time you are following that recipe! Genius or what!

Family Journal
Cozi’s Family Journal feature allows you to record family stories, photos and memories.  You can then share your journal updates with other family members by email, or to your own family website.

All family members hooked into Cozi can see this family information. I send updates on what my family are up to frequently to my mum (British spelling!) in England. She gets to see what the kids are up to, and it makes me feel good that she can be a part of their lives. This feature is especially great for military families.

Today view feature
You can view everything you have to do on a particular day on one screen view in the Cozi ‘Today’ feature.  This view will show you everything needed for that day, and the next day, and will also show you your To Do list and your recently added grocery list items. I just pull up the Cozi app every day and look at my screen, and it shows me everything for that particular day that I have to take note of.

Cozi can be viewed on any smartphone (both Mac and Android), and on any computer (PC or Mac), so everyone can see Cozi lists and features at all times.  This little wonder app was actually voted Best Parenting App in 2017, and has received Moms Choice and National Parenting Center awards among many others.

There is a paid upgrade feature available for Cozi if you want the app to do more for you (Gold), which allows monthly calendar views, a calendar search feature, more reminder features, a birthday tracker and shared contacts, as well as several other great organization features.  But it is up to you if you want to upgrade to those features (you can sign up for a free Cozi Gold trial for 14 days if you want to try it out, you don’t have to commit at the end of that trial period).

Signing up for a Cozi account is extremely simple. Just go to the Cozi website at  (Please note, I am showing you how to sign up on a PC in this example to make it easy for you to see the screenshots better).



Enter your details into each field in the sign-up page.

Once you put in all your details you will see the Cozi welcome screen.  In this part you will enter all your family members who will be using Cozi.  You can start adding items to your grocery lists, add appointments to the calendar etc straightaway.


Cozi is so simple to use that I really don’t need to go through step by step with you how to set everything up. It is extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate and use. All family members, even children, will find this app extremely easy and simple to use and navigate.  Your family needs some organization, so don’t ignore this FREE resource that can really help you out with all your organization needs!

Get Cozi - it's free! 

Sign up for a free Cozi account now!

When you have a busy family life it can be really hard to keep everything organized. You  need to keep track of what everyone is doing, and when. But there is a really easy, and free, way to keep your entire family organized! Read on for what you need and how to do it!


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