10 IKEA Must-Have Items you can buy for less than a cup of coffee!

These absolutely must-have IKEA products all cost less than you would pay for a fancy cup of coffee?!

A nice cup of coffee can set you back around $4 – $5 or so (in the US).  You drink it and it’s gone! It was good to drink it – you needed it! But now it’s gone!

But for the same price as that coffee, or just a tiny bit more, you can get these 10 fantastic must-have items from IKEA. They all cost what that cup of coffee would!

These are all really great and useful items.  Great and useful for an amazingly low price!

Check out those 10 must-have items right here!


10 Must Have IKEA products that cost less than a cup of coffee! #IKEA




Dragan Toothbrush Holder


The incredibly trendy and practical Dragan toothbrush holder costs just $4.99 in US IKEA stores.

Made of bamboo, this lovely toothbrush holder not only looks good – it’s also so durable.  Bamboo is a warm, calm material, and it makes any bathroom just look great.  I think you will agree that it looks far more expensive than it costs.



Tvars Table Lamp

IKEA’s designers were charged with designing the world’s cheapest lamp, without compromising on design. Here it is!

The Tvars table lamp will look amazing in any room of your home, and it is an absolute steal at just $3.99! It’s an amazing piece that looks quite futuristic and will work in any home and any room.


Isberget Tablet Stand


This tablet stand is so affordable, yet it is so incredibly useful.  You would really be prepared to pay more for this amazing little tablet stand. 

It costs just $3.49 in US Ikea stores (and that is definitely less than I paid for my cup of coffee this morning!).


Brass Coffee Measure and Clip



This is an amazing item, well actually two items in a set from IKEA that certainly costs less than most cups of coffee. Which is quite ironic as it is for coffee! 

The brass spoon is the perfect size for measuring out your coffee accurately, and the clip is so handy for keeping not just your coffee packet sealed, but also for keeping the spoon close by. 

This Tempererad coffee measure spoon and clip is just $3.99.


Smaska Kids Lunch Box



The Smaska lunch box is a fun dog themed lunch box that kids will love.  The hard plastic keeps all food from being squashed, even in the depths of their backpack. It is easy to open for little  hands too. It is also so easy to clean and is dishwasher safe.

This great little lunch box is just $4.99 at IKEA.


Kalas Bowls

The 6 piece Kalas bowl set is a must-have if you have kids, or even if you don’t.  It features 6 bowls in different bright and cheerful colors that can be used for just about any foods. They can even be used as paint and craft pots. 

They are so durable, and they won’t break or scratch at all.  They are also microwave and dishwasher safe. These little bowls are an absolute bargain at $2.49 for a set of 6!


Lustigt Coloring Roll



This coloring book in a roll is simply amazing.  For just $4.99 you get 32 feet of coloring fun.

It will keep your kids entertained for hours, but what’s more – it can also keep you entertained for hours!  If you need a stress relief and something relaxing to do, this will be it!  


Set of 3 Accessory Bags

This set of 3 Knallbage accessory bags is a must-have.  The bags are perfect for keeping pens, pencils, chargers, notebooks and whatever you need to store organized and to hand. 

They can be used at home, at work, or at school.  They are made of lovely soft felt, and they look so stylish too. The set of 3 bags is just $3.99.


Bag Organizer Insert


If you are constantly doing battle with your bag, trying to find what you need quickly and easily, you will really love this insert!  Made of soft felt, in a color that will compliment most colors of bags, this insert is just $4.99. 

You can organize all your bag contents and quickly and easily find what you are looking for. It also makes moving your items from bag to bag so much easier.  


5 Piece Desk Organizer



This is a 5 piece set of various sized boxes, that will organize any workspace or desk, in your home or your office.  At just $4.99 it is an amazing price for such a useful set.  

You can keep just about anything organized on your desk. There is a box for just about everything you need to organize in this set!


As you can see, all these 10 featured products are great must-have products from IKEA. Yet they are incredibly affordable and low cost.

Perhaps this morning you will forget that cup of coffee and buy one of these great items instead at IKEA!


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These absolutely must-have IKEA products all cost less than you would pay for a fancy cup of coffee?!

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