20 incredibly useful organizing & storage products that cost under $10!

Home storage and organization items do not need to cost a lot and break your budget and the bank. There are numerous products that are great, yet totally affordable.


If you are on the look-out for storage and organization products for your home, that don’t cost a fortune, this is the list for you!  All 20 of these products are so incredibly useful for storage and organization in your home, yet each one costs less than $10. In fact some of them cost less than $5!  All these products can be used all around your home to solve your organizing and storage issues, and many of them can also be time savers for you!


20 incredibly useful storage and organizing products, that cost under $10



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Clothes Organizer Boards


Clothes organizer boards for your home. Great home storage and organization products



This clothing organizer is perfect for organizing your clothes and saving space.  It is foldable and convenient to take along also anywhere with you.  Each board is sold separately and can be used to separate your clothing in your closets, making it easier to locate your clothing pieces and will store your clothing neatly and cleanly.  Each board is available here.  


Hanging Mesh Space Saver Bags

Hanging mesh storage bags. Great organizing and storage products for your home.


These hanging mesh bags have 3 separate compartments and can be used for toy storage, or anywhere else in your home.  The storage bag is available here.


Wire Storage Baskets

These wire baskets can be used just about anywhere in your home. Baskets can be used inside cupboards and closets, and on work surfaces and counter-tops.  You can store just about anything in them – paperwork, magazines, vegetables, cans of food, anything at all!  You can get them here.


Tie Organizer & Hanger


Hanging tie organizers. Great storage and organizing products for your home

This Tie Organizer will keep ties organized and all in the same place, making more space in your closet and also allow him to find and locate his ties much easier. Plus it keeps them all neatly hung, wrinkle free, and ready for wear.  This two pack of hanging organizers is available here.




Stainless Steel Bathroom Toothbrush & Toothpaste Holder

This holder has 4 toothbrush slots, and a slot especially for your toothpaste. It will keep your bathroom surfaces neat and tidy, and looks really cool too. It is available here.





Lazy Susan Turntable

This turntable can be used on a counter top, inside a cupboard or anywhere you need to easily access items. Turntables are especially good for storing hard to reach items.  You can get them here.


Gift Wrap Organizer

This gift wrap organizer will keep all your gift wrap in one place, easily transported from room to room, and will keep your gift wrap tidy, clean, wrinkle free and protected. Gift wrap is always a real storage issue, so this will keep it all together in one convenient place!  It is available here.



Wall Outlet Organizer Storage



This wall organizer acts as an additional shelf for your small electrical items.  You can use it to charge your cellphone and other devices, or use it in your bathroom to charge a toothbrush, razor etc.  You can get it here.


Organize It Kitchen Organization


Towel Grabbers


These towel grabbers can be mounted anywhere in your kitchen to make accessing your kitchen towels as easy as possible. Mount them on the end of cabinets, inside cupboards and anywhere you need!  You can get them here.


Chrome Shelf Dividers

These shelf dividers make storing your clothing, towels etc much neater and easier.  Use them on closet shelves to keep clothing more organized and accessible.  You can get them here



Fabric Wall Organizers

Great home storage and organizing products. Hanging fabric storage for the back of your door



This hanging storage bag hangs over any door of your home for more storage.   These bags can be used for any storage at all, in your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, or any room of your home.  Store papers, food, toys, cosmetic items – anything at all  You can get them here.


Bathroom Medicine Cabinet Organizer



These organizing storage boxes can keep all the smaller pieces inside your medicine cabinet organized and tidy, and free up more space inside your medicine cabinet. Medicine cabinets can get so disorganized and full which makes it hard to find items, especially your smaller items.  These inexpensive little organizers are supreme at keeping everything together.  No more opening your medicine cabinet and having the contents fall on you! You can get them here.


Silicone Toothbrush Holder Bathroom organizer



This nifty little device keeps your toothpaste and toothbrush in your shower, so you can save even more time by brushing your teeth while you shower in the morning!  It can also keep your razor close by too.  Double up on your tasks and save valuable morning time.  You can get it here.


Hair Dryer Holder Rack



This wall mounted hairdryer holder is high heat resistant and keeps your hairdryer just where you need it! It also has a plug hook so your plug won’t be flopping around.  Great for always knowing where your hairdryer is and making it more accessible, plus no more worrying about where to store your hot used hairdryer.   You can get it here.


Organize It Closets


Drawer Organizers

These drawer organizers are ideal for getting your underwear organized inside your drawers.  You can also use them anywhere in your home, in any drawer, for easier organization. But they work perfectly for keeping underwear organized and tidy.  You can get them here


Toothbrush & Toothpaste Drawer Organizer

This drawer organizer will keep your toothbrushes and toothpaste organized together in your vanity unit drawers, or other bathroom drawers.  Know always where they are located and access them easily!  Easy to clean too.  You can get it here. 


Vitamin Storage Organizer Bin

The perfect storage bin to store all your vitamins together in one place, where they are easily accessible.  Get all your vitamin bottles off your counter-tops, or tidy them up and store them much more neatly inside your cupboards.  You can get them here.



Kitchen Refrigerator Space Saver Organizer Slide Shelf Racks



These are incredibly useful slider storage shelves for your refrigerator. They can keep jars, and condiment bottles organized, as well as fruits and vegetables. You can also use them to store cans of drink and more.  You can get them here


Vintage Glass Canisters



These are lovely glass canisters that can be used for a variety of things around your home, in any room of your home. Use them in your office to store desk supplies, in your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, or just about anywhere and for anything.  You can get them here.


Earphone pouch

This earphone pouch is useful for keeping your earphones protected and accessible inside your handbag or gym bag.  It makes a great storage bag for travelling also. No more tangles or broken earphones!    You can get it here.


Hope you enjoyed this list of 20 incredibly useful storage and organizing products that cost under $10!!




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