The incredibly easy way to meal plan for your family

Meal planning means planning your meals and food ahead of time.  Instead of your family constantly asking “What’s for dinner tonight?” they will always know what is for dinner! 

You will know exactly what needs to be cooked and when, you can plan simple or pre-made meals for busy nights, and you can save on groceries and time.  Meal planning is pretty awesome!


The incredibly easy way to meal plan for your family. This totally free electronic app will make meal planning so much easier for you! #mealplanning #Cozi

Once you know the essentials of meal planning it is extremely easy to do, and you will quickly get into a routine. 

But now there is an even easier way of meal planning.  Honestly you are going to love this easy method of meal planning, that is accessible on all your electronic devices – including your phone, ipad, desktop computer and more – so your plans are always available.

Everyone in the family can quickly see what’s for dinner (and other meals) each day, you can keep all your recipes in one place, and keep your shopping lists all in one place for everyone’s easy reference.  And this easy fantastic method of meal planning is also absolutely FREE!

This truly amazing meal planning organization is available on a simple FREE app called Cozi.  You can download Cozi for FREE right here. 

Cozi is a simplified electronic family management system, which includes a calendar, to do lists, shopping lists, a journal and more. 

It’s meal planning feature is packed with powerful features, completely free for your entire family to use, and is shared across your entire family.




The easy way to meal plan for your family



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So here’s how to use the meal planning feature in Cozi.  I know you are going to love this!

First of all, sign up for the Cozi app.

Just sign up for your free account. It takes just a few minutes to sign up and create your free account that you can start using straight away.  

Once you have your account, add your family members and start using all the features that you need.

Here’s everything the Meals feature in Cozi can do to make meal planning, and your family’s time organization unbelievably smooth and easy:

Collect recipes quickly & easily from all across the web

Just by simply adding a little button to your toolbar, you can easily add recipes that you come across as you are surfing the web.  These recipes will be added to your recipe box, so they are always available to you, across all your devices and to all family members.



Search for recommended recipes

Cozi has many recipe sources already built in to its app, that you can search and discover. 

Just head to folders at the top of the screen, and click on the drop-down menu arrow. As you can see below, there are suggestions from publications and sites including Cooking Light, Real Simple, and Southern Living.



I have selected Cooking Light for instance, and in the left hand side of the screen the recipe suggestions from Cooking Light have populated here.




I have selected the Extra Crispy Veggie Pizza recipe, which once clicked on will populate in the main screen.




I can either view the recipe on the Cozi app, or if I want to I can just click to view the entire recipe on the original Cooking Light website.



Now here comes the really really cool part of this! You can add all the ingredients that you need for that particular recipe straight to your Cozi shopping list, just by clicking on the Add Ingredients to Cozi Shopping List link!



You can also add a recipe manually, just by clicking on the New Recipe tab in the Recipe Box.  Here you can type in your favorite recipes, and save them so they are always accessible.


Your Recipe Box

Every recipe that you save will be available to view, and to print if you want to, in your Recipe Box.


Add Ingredients to your Shopping List!

This is the really amazing awesome thing available in the Cozi app!  By clicking on that link to add ingredients to your shopping list Cozi will populate your shopping list with everything that you need for that recipe. 

You can either choose a pre-set shopping list that you already have in the system to add those ingredients to (such as your weekly shopping list), or you can create a special shopping list just for that recipe.  




Create your weekly meal plan

This is another absolutely genius part of the Cozi app!  You will have an electronic meal planner for each week, with sections for every meal. If you have recipes already stored in your Recipe Box, you can just drag and drop them into your planner. Genius or what!! 

The plan is available to be seen by everyone in your family who has the Cozi app.  



So as you can see – Cozi can really make your family’s life easier and more efficient. Cozi is easy to use (completely intuitive and user-friendly), packed with great usable features, and what’s more – it is completely FREE!

Get Cozi - it's free!

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  1. Tracy
    July 28, 2018 / 11:34 am

    This sounds like a great tool that I can use everyday! I have 4 kids and planning and cooking meals is crazy!

    • Tiffan
      July 28, 2018 / 4:06 pm

      Thank you Tracy! Glad it is helpful!