Ideas to Keep Your Kids Busy Right Now!


If you are looking for ideas to keep your kids busy, entertained, and educated right now, podcasts are a great way to do that. 


With all that is going on in the world right now, you are no doubt looking for new ideas to keep your kids entertained, to educate them at home, and to keep them busy? There is nothing better than podcasts to do that!

I have been listening to podcasts for years. I listen to them when I run, when I am making dinner or baking, when I am driving, and even when laying on the beach.

Over the years podcasts have helped me start my blog, learn a language, work through the grief of losing my father, and even helped me start being zero waste.

Here are some great podcasts that will be great for your kids right now – to educate, entertain them, and keep them busy all at the same time! They can listen to podcasts anywhere!

You can find all these podcasts mentioned below where you normally get your podcasts from (just search for the title).  I did find a great site called Vurbl that is a content management site for all audio, including podcasts.  They feature podcast reviews and audio recommendations, so check it out for more podcast and audio ideas.

Here are my podcast recommendations. There are thousands and thousands of podcasts out there! This is just a tiny little selection!


Ideas to keep your kids busy right now. Podcasts are a great way to entertain, educate and keep your kids busy right now


Great Stories for your Kids to Listen To!

Story Pirates Podcast

Story Pirates is a podcast by a group of actors, comedians, musicians and improvisers. They take stories written by kids and turn them into comedy and musical theatre.  Each podcast episode is about 30 minutes long, just enough time to keep them quiet for a while!  Check out episodes such as The Case of the Musical Cinnamon Buns, and The Monkey and the Ice Skates!

This Podcast Has Fleas!

Jones and Waffles are a cat and a dog, and the stars of this funny musical podcast.  This comedy series features all kinds of characters, including Benny the Gerbil and Mr. Glub the goldfish (fun fact: the voice of Mr. Glub is the actor Alec Baldwin!).  In each podcast the team navigates a daily drama – including a chaotic sleepover party, and a trip to the vet!

Story Spectacular

This is a weekly children’s podcast full of stories and classic retellings.  The stories come alive through colorful music and fun characters.

Kids Poetry Club

Each episode of this podcast is only 15 minutes long.  They feature rhymes and fun for kids of all ages. Each episodes has 3 poems and many activities.


Teach your Kids About the World

Travel Guides for Kids: Exploring Countries and Cities Around the World

Zoom flicks through his scrapbook and shows kids amazing countries and cities all around the world.  Zoom makes scrapbooks full of information and detail about places.

Building Towns

This podcast reveals all the secrets of town planning, and teaches kids all about the different architectural styles in London.

Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece

Teach your kids all about the myths and legends of Ancient Greece with this podcast.  Ancient Greece formed the basis for so much in our society today – including law and education.  They will learn about all the gods and all the legends.


Amazing Facts Your Kids can Learn!

Wow in the World

This podcast takes kids (and adults too!) into a journey all about the wonders of the world around them.  No topic is off limits – including the brain, outer space, the weather, and even what makes chili peppers hot.  Recent episodes include the Science of Colors, the Science of Hair, all about Mummies of ancient Egypt, and Bumblebee vomit!  

Cool Facts About Animals

This is a podcast done by kids, for kids.  They can learn about amazing animals and creatures such as Green Bomber Worms, Thorny Devils, Vampire Bats, and the Naked Mole Rat, as well as favorites such as the Giraffe, Lions and Penguins.  

Kids in the Past

This podcast is something that kids can totally relate to: what is is like to be a child during different points of history.  Listen to memories of the Great War, through a London Child’s eyes, how children made clothes to help their families, a child working in a slate mine, and so much more!

Age of the Dinosaurs

This podcast travels back in time to 145 million years ago – the age of the dinosaurs.  They can get up close and learn about all species of dinosaur!


Teach Your Kids Life Skills

Money Guide for Kids

Bobby, Chloe and Elisha are 3 school kids who have to write a song all about money for their homework. But along the way they pick up lots of amazing and helpful tips about managing money, why it is important to save energy, raising money for charity, how to save and more! Your kids will be entertained as well as learn important money handling skills.

Mystery Recipe

This podcast helps kids discover the fun and fascinating sides of food.  Each episode is ingredient themed, and leads to a mystery recipe cook-along as the finale.

Cook School

 Cook School teaches children how to make basic, healthy meals.  They aim to give kids the skills and confidence to cook for friends and family. 


Help Your Kids with Stress Relief

Calm Kids

This is a meditation podcast especially for kids.  Each episode features guided meditations and activities for kids.

Be Calm on Ahway Island

This podcast features original children’s stories and meditations for nap time, bed time, or any time


Teach Your Kids a Language

Eat Your Spanish

Eat Your Spanish is an interactive podcast for kids and families.  Each week is a different lesson featuring something new to learn in the Spanish language.

Learn Polish

This podcast from Fun Kids is a beginner’s guide to learning Polish words and phrases.

Learn French with Daily Podcasts

Free daily podcasts for them to learn French. Presented by real French teachers from Paris.

Learn Chinese: Chinese Class 101

This podcast is an innovative and fun way to learn the Chinese language and culture.  This podcast has free daily podcast lessons.


Get Help With Homeschooling

Now that you may be homeschooling your kids, there are also numerous podcasts that can give you advice and tips with that, especially if you are completely new to homeschooling.

The Wired Homeschool

This homeschooling podcast provides practical advice for using technology as part of homeschooling.  Topics covered include STEM education, responsible internet use, and how to use digital services for homeschooling.

The Homeschool Highschool

This podcast offers good advice for homeschooling for the high school years.

Simple Homeschool

This podcast offers tips for homeschooling across the board.  Recent important episodes include Homeschooling During Coronavirus.


If you need to keep your kids busy, entertained, and educated right now, consider playing them podcasts. There are podcasts for pretty much all topics and themes. Most of them are completely free too!

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