Ideas for Storing Your Instant Pot

Storing your Instant Pot can be a challenge! If you have a small kitchen with little storage room, or you want to protect your Instant Pot, here are 7 great ideas!

An Instant Pot is a fantastic thing. If you have one you will know how much easier and more efficiently you can make a meal.

But storing it can be a whole other issue!  Are your kitchen cupboards too small to fit it? Do you want it it nearby in your kitchen, but just don’t have a place to keep it? Do you want it protected when not in use, but not sure how to do it?

All those questions and more are going to be answered in this post! I will show you 7 great ideas for how to store your Instant Pot!

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Instant pot


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Storage Cart for an Instant Pot


Blue storage cart


If you just don’t have counter or cupboard space for your Instant Pot, this storage cart is a fantastic solution!

An Instant Pot will fit perfectly on the round shelves of this cart.  The top shelf is for your Instant Pot.  The middle and bottom shelves can store your Instant Pot accessories, or even your cookery books.

It is not huge in size (it measures 15.7 x 15.4 x 31.5 inches), and it comes in Grey and Turquoise. So you can either put a pop of color into your kitchen, or you can blend it in with other decor.

Check out this great storage cart right here.  


The IKEA Raskog Cart

I obsess constantly about the IKEA Raskog cart, and for good reason. It can be used for so much to store things in your home.

It could also store your Instant Pot!  Your Instant Pot would fit perfectly on the top shelf of the Raskog cart, and the accessories and cookery books on the other shelves.

Get it directly from your local IKEA store, or at  Or you can order it from Amazon.

Blue cart with shelves



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Round Kitchen Cart

Round kitchen storage cart

This is a really attractive, and incredibly useful, storage cart that will be ideal for storing your Instant Pot. 

The top of this cart has a great wood surface that will hold your Pot.  On the wire shelves underneath you can store your accessories, and even cook books.  See more here about this cart.


Hide Away your Instant Pot 

If you just don’t have the cupboard space, and you don’t particularly want to display your Instant Pot, but still need it at hand, check out this rolling storage cabinet.

Brown wood storage cabinet


This particular storage cabinet looks sleek and will blend in with your kitchen cabinets. It can store, and hide, your Instant Pot, and all those accompanying accessories and cookery books.

Get more information on this storage cabinet right here.  



Dust Cover for your Instant Pot

Grey cover for Instant Pot


If you want to store your Instant Pot on your countertop, or in a cupboard without getting dusty, try this dust cover. It also has side pockets to store utensils, so they are always at hand.

This is a great and attractive storage solution for protecting your Instant Pot, when it is not in use.


Store your Instant Pot, and lots of Other Things too


Wire utility cart


If you have lots of other stuff to store, and not just your Instant Pot, this wire utility cart could be so useful to you.

You can also store your microwave, and utensils and more on this kitchen cart.  You can see more about this cart right here.  


Travel with your Instant Pot

If you need to take your Instant Pot somewhere with you. Or if you are moving house, how do you protect and carry your Instant Pot?

This great carrying case is how!  This would work great for the holidays if you are visiting family and want to take along your Instant Pot to help with recipe prep! (See my post here on holiday side dishes that you can make in your Instant Pot!)


Black carrying case for Instant Pot



These storage solutions for your Instant Pot will help enormously with your home organization issues.

These are all great solutions for keeping your Instant Pot at hand, but also protected at the same time!


Storing your Instant Pot can be a challenge! If you have a small kitchen with little storage room, or you want to protect your Instant Pot, here are 7 great ideas!

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