How & Where to Start Decluttering Your Home

If you are tired of seeing all that clutter around your home, and tired of how untidy your home is, there is no time like the present to start a home decluttering project!

Even as busy as you are, you will be able to find the time in your day to start decluttering your home. The trick is to do it little by little, bit by bit.

If you feel like your house is just so cluttered, and all that stuff that you THINK you WANT and NEED is taking over, now is the time to take action!

I know you are busy, and you probably don’t think that you even have the time to start decluttering your home?  But I created this Free 30 Day Decluttering challenge especially for busy women with very little extra time in their day.

For as little as dedicating 15-20 minutes a day, you can start step by step to completely declutter and organize your home, once and for all.


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How do you Even Start Decluttering?

We all know that we have to declutter, and we all want to declutter and organize our homes, but we just don’t know where to start.

That is what this 30 Day Decluttering Challenge is going to help you out with! You won’t even need to give decluttering too much thought! Because every day you will receive an email guiding you through a project for that day!


Why do you Need to Declutter?

If you are constantly walking into rooms in your home thinking how untidy they look. If you can’t move around a room because it is too stacked with stuff. If you just know you have too much stuff – you need to declutter.

Clutter is inevitable in our homes. These days there is so much we have to buy, or think we have to buy.  But usually our homes are just not big enough to accommodate it all.  

Then there is all the clutter that comes along with having children.  All the equipment, toys and things. Even all that artwork from school!

Keeping your home clutter-free and organized will greatly help your mental health. You will be more productive, because you CAN be. You will enjoy being in your home more, and you won’t waste time trying to find something you misplaced or lost in all that clutter.

Why a 30 Day Decluttering Challenge?

I devised this 30 Day Decluttering Challenge as an easy way for you to declutter your home.

If you are faced with all those rooms of things to move and get rid of, you are very quickly just going to get overwhelmed.

When we get overwhelmed we can’t move forward. We are lost in the trees so to speak.

But a 30 Day Challenge means you only have to focus on one decluttering task per day.  You only need to dedicate 15-20 minutes per day to decluttering and organizing your home.

Even if you are busy working, raising a family, running a home, and everything and anything else you have to do, 15-20 minutes a day should be an achievable amount of time to find for this project.

The Challenge will take you through completely decluttering your home in very. small. steps. And the challenge is completely free!

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The Decluttering Process

With any decluttering process and project there are really just a few, very simple, steps to take.

You take an item in your home, and then decide what to do with it. Do you:

Keep it where it is
Keep it, but put it somewhere else
Trash it
Donate it or give it away
Recycle it.

That’s it!

Decluttering also works best if you take EVERYTHING out of a space. So you have a clean canvas to work with so to speak.  

For instance, if you are decluttering a drawer, take everything out. Now you can see all the space you have available clearly. 

You then go through everything you took out of that drawer. Put everything you took out into piles:


Whatever you are keeping goes back, and whatever you are trashing is thrown out.  Whatever you are donating goes into a box to take wherever you take your stuff for donation.

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Common Spaces to Declutter in Your Home

Any space or room in your home can easily get untidy and cluttered.

The rooms that we use most often, such as the kitchen and bathrooms can really suffer most. They acquire the most items, and as we use those rooms the most they are never really ever tidy.

Declutter your Closets

Closets are the places that get the most cluttered it seems. We stuff things into cupboards and closets to keep them out of the way. Before we know it they are just overflowing.

How to Organize & Declutter your Clothes Closet

Declutter your Kitchen

Our kitchens are the hub of our homes. They are our homes control centers.  They get untidy and messy so fast and easily.  But decluttering your kitchen can be very overwelming. That is why you need to do it step by step, little by little. 

Declutter your Bathrooms

Just like your kitchen, your bathrooms are used constantly every day, and they get messy and untidy.

Good storage solutions are the key to your bathrooms working for you. Decluttering will create a blank slate for you to completely reorganize your bathrooms so they work better for you.

The Free 30 Day Decluttering Challenge will walk you through decluttering all these spaces, and more, in your home.

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Join hundreds of other women in this free 30 Day Declutter Challenge!



Take the free 30 day decluttering challenge #free challenge #challenge #decluttering #clutter #clutter free #make calm lovely

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