How to set up the Perfect Morning: With a Perfect Evening Routine

By setting up an evening routine and getting stuff done the night before, you will also be setting up better mornings! If your mornings are crazy busy, getting things done the night before may be your answer to a perfect morning!



There is so much that you can do the night before to help your busy mornings.

There is also so much you can do in the evenings to streamline and make your evenings run more smoothly. An evening routine that everyone knows and follows will make everything just run better in your home.

If right now your mornings are really busy, and you just feel rushed and stressed, think about what you can do the night before to prepare ahead for the next morning.

Even if your evenings are pretty busy right now, most things that you can do to get ready for the next day shouldn’t take that much time and energy.

Here are tips and suggestions for things you can do the night before, to get ready for, and make the coming morning easier and calmer.


Set up the Perfect Morning! By Creating the Perfect Evening Routine!



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Get Lunches Ready 

Choose lunches that can be refrigerated or even frozen ahead of time, so you can just pull them out in the morning. Choose easy lunches that don’t require a lot of prep up front as much as possible. 

By getting lunches ready the night before, you can save so much time in the morning in not having to prepare lunches.

If you possibly can, pack lunch bags the night before (this won’t work for refrigerated items, but will work for other foods).

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Lay out Clothes for the Next Day

Laying out the clothes that each family member will wear to work or school the next day the evening before will save precious time the next morning. If your children are old enough they may be able to select and plan their own outfits.

It doesn’t need to take you long in the evening to just quickly pull out an outfit and set it aside for the next day.

Pack Bags and Backpacks

Once your kids have finished their homework, make it a requirement that their homework, and associated books and textbooks etc, are packed away in their backpacks ready to be taken to school in the morning.

Make sure those bags and backpacks are then placed by the door, ready to be grabbed in the morning. This will also prevent them forgetting to pack something important.

Ask Your Kids What They Need

I am putting this requirement down because I cannot tell you how many times my kids would tell me on a busy morning that they needed money for a school trip, or a book, or an activity. Most of the time I wouldn’t have that cash on hand, couldn’t find my checkbook etc!

Perhaps over dinner you can discuss your day and ask them if there is anything at all they need for the coming school day and beyond. This will give you a chance to deal with it that night – not on that next busy morning!

Prepare Breakfast for the Next Morning

Some breakfasts can’t be planned ahead of time, but there are many that can be prepped on the weekend or the evening before, such as overnight oats, smoothie packs etc.

Or choose easy breakfasts, such as cereal and milk.  Easy Breakfast Ideas for School Days

Pack Diaper Bags and Daycare Needs

If your child is in daycare, or goes to a nanny outside the home, pack their bag ready to go the next morning. This will also ensure that you don’t forget to pack something vital!

Obviously you can’t put things like formula in the bag the night before, but there are many things that you can pack the night before. 


Program Your Coffee Maker

Buy a programmable coffee maker, to have fresh coffee ready and made for you when you get up in the morning. 

Having a fresh cup of coffee all ready and waiting for you not only will wake you up in the morning, it will save you valuable time making it, or buying it (and you can save money too!).

Prefer tea instead?, there is always this machine!

You could also invest in a machine like this to save time and have everything done at once in the morning!

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Early to Bed

Come up with a timeline – your kids need to be in bed by this time, they need a bath by this time, and the time you need to have dinner ready by.  Set up a lights out rule, especially for teenagers.

With a routine in the evening that everyone follows, evenings will run more smoothly, and everyone will benefit from a good night’s sleep!

Always do the Dishes!

Leaving the dishes in the kitchen sink not only makes your kitchen look messy, it also means that it is a task that is just there waiting for you.

No doubt your mornings are too busy for you to add doing the dishes to, so just do them the night before. If your children are old enough enlist their help.  Many things can just be rinsed off and placed in the dishwasher.  

A Quick Evening Clean-Up

Put things into the dishwasher. Even if you don’t run it immediately, putting dirty dishes and cutlery into the dishwasher gets them out of the sink, and gives a sense of order to the kitchen.  Tidy up your living room: Do a quick pick-up, straighten cushions and throws.

Look around your home and do a quick evening tidy up of everything that you can quickly in the evening.

There is so much that you can do, and get ready, the night before so that your mornings run much easier!









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