How to set up a Command Center for your Family & Kids (with free printable!)


Setting up a command center in your home for your family means your family can and will be more organized!


The title “Command Center” probably makes you chuckle, and gives you visions of space ships and ship commanders!

But a command center is a really good way to create a space in your home that is organized with everything your family and children need to keep everyone organized and on track.

After all, you are the commander of your family! You organize everything for everyone, and keep things running and going!


Family Command Center



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Why do you need a Command Center for your Kids?

Your family is no doubt incredibly busy.  You are busy with school and homework. You are busy with all those activities that your kids do.  You are busy as parents with jobs, housework and more.  

It can be hard managing and organizing all that you have to do as a family.  There is just so much to do!

A command center is a space in your home, that is organized with everything your family needs to stay on track and know what is going on, and when.

A command center is equally good for pre-school kids and school age kids, as well as teenagers and older children.

Pre-school children can use more visual cues in the command center, whereas your older kids can use written cues and information.

Decide what you need in YOUR Family Command Center

Everyone’s family and needs is different.  What does your family need the most help with?  

Depending on the space that you have available for your command center, what can you keep in your family command center?

How old are your children? What do they need to help them out with organization and staying on track?

These are the most common things that are kept in a command center, to give you some ideas

Shopping Lists
To Do Lists
Place for Mail
Place for Junk Mail
Place to keep and charge phones
Place to hang backpacks and bags
Place to keep gym bags
Place to collect loose change
Place for office supplies
Bills and receipts
Chores charts
School papers
Communication board

Decide how you want your Command Center to Look

Depending on your home decor style, you may want your command center to match your general style.

If you decide on the plan for your command center first, you can then purchase any needed items that fit in with your style.

Is your style farmhouse style, industrial, modern, contemporary or vintage?  

Do you like dark colors or light? Do you like bright colors or subtle colors?

Decide on the style you want first, before you start purchasing the items that you need for your command center.


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How to Set up a Family Command Center in your Home – 9 Tips

Choose a High Traffic Area of your Home

You want the information you are supplying to be visible to everyone in your home. Therefore a high traffic area is where it is most likely to be seen.

If you have to make your family go somewhere in particular to see information, especially to an area of your home that is not frequented regularly, they will be less likely to see what they need to see, and follow it all.

High traffic areas of your home are usually places such as your kitchen, entrance hallway, and mudroom. But any room or area of your home that is used every day can work well.

You can also set up a command center inside a closet or cupboard if that is the only space you have!


Place a Calendar in the Command Center

A calendar is an essential part of any command center.

Try to choose a calendar that is large and easily seen and noticed.  Something that is colorful will look prettier and stand out more.

You can also choose a calendar that is dry-erase, so that you can constantly wipe it clean and re-write things on it.

You may use an electronic calendar for your family, such as this great free one from Cozi.  You can still continue using an electronic calendar/planner even with your family command center.

Having a visual calendar, as well as any electronic and paper calendars/planners that you also keep for your family, means that everyone can see exactly what is going on at any time, especially your younger children.

A visual calendar in your command center does not need to be too detailed, especially if you are also keeping other electronic/paper calendars and planners.  It can just be simple, such as “Danny’s Birthday”, or “Matt’s field trip”.

You could also keep your planner to hand in your command center. If you have a desk planner, keeping it in or near the command center means it is always at hand.



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Place a Communication Board

A communication board is simply a place that you can communicate something to your family, which can be changed frequently.

A communication board can be a white board, a chalk board, post it notes, or even a notepad. Whatever works the best for your family.

You may use your communication board to rely messages such as “picking Charlie up from school – back in 20 minutes,” or “Dinner tonight = Pasta!”  You can communicate whatever you need to on the board.

Tell Everyone the Time

Having something in the command center to let everyone know the actual time can really help get them get out of the door, or to appointments and activities on time.

You can place a digital or a regular analog clock in the command center.  Regular clocks will be easier for younger children learning to tell the time.

You can also place visual clock notices, that tell younger children especially what time something will happen at.

If you have family around the world, it might be a lovely idea to feature a clock set to that time zone. My children have family across the world in the UK, and we always had clocks switched 5 hours ahead of where we are, so that they could see what time it was currently for their family in England.

Another good idea is a clock that will also tell you the temperature outside. So that your family will always know how to dress that day!

Install Hooks

Hooks are so useful for so many things. They are places to hang hats and coats. They are places to hang bags and backpacks.  

Hooks can also keep your household and car keys handy.  

Have enough hooks in your command center for everything your family needs.

Give Everyone Their Space

If you can, give all your family members their own space in the command center.  Create cubbies or hooks for each family member to store their stuff.

If everyone has their own space, they are more likely to use it. It also means that every family member will always know where their things are at any given time.

Designated storage areas for each family member may also mean less hunting around for something on a school morning!

Use Baskets and Boxes

Baskets and boxes in your command center can be important storage collection spaces.

Keep your mail in a basket, ready to be sorted.  Keep baskets for important paperwork that has to be dealt with. Have a basket for important school papers and more.

Feature your Meal Plan

One of the biggest questions I always got from my kids as soon as they got home from school was “What’s for dinner?” 

Kids always seem to do better if they know what the plan is.  So make it easy for them by visibly placing a meal plan sheet with details of all your weekly meals. 

A meal plan displayed somewhere is also a good check for you for what you may need to make that evening, or what you need to prepare ahead of time.

Get our free Family Command Center Printable Pack Download that includes a handy Meal Plan!

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Important Family Lists

You can also  place any important lists that your family needs in your command center.

Your grocery list can be displayed, so that anybody in the family can add something they need to it. If you run out to the store and end up picking something up additionally, remove it from your shopping list.

Have a list of important contacts, so if your children need help it is visible. For instance neighbors and friends contact information.

A Command Center can look great in your home!

If you are worried about how a command center may look in your home, a command center can actually look great in your home!

There are so many amazing command centers on Pinterest that have been set up to give you inspiration!

Your command center can match your home decor. It can make a blank uninteresting space in your home appear more interesting!

Just try to ensure that you keep your command center tidy, so not only does it do the job it needs to do well, but it always also looks its best.  

Just set aside 10-15 minutes or so each week to generally tidy up and re-organize your family command center.

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Family Command Center


Setting up a command center in your home for your family means your family can and will be more organized!

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