How to Organize a Laundry Room

Your laundry room works hard for you! Get it organized like a dream with this guide, including free printables, cleaning and organizing tips, and design ideas too!



If you have a laundry room, you will know how quickly it can become untidy and dirty.  All that dirty laundry and constant trips back and forth to actually do your laundry can take their toll.

Your laundry room also isn’t the room you tend to have high up on your cleaning priority list!  That’s for kitchens and bathrooms, not for laundry rooms! So it doesn’t get a complete organization, or even a mild cleaning very often!

Yes your laundry room is probably the least visited room in your house by visitors, so you could just shut the door and hide all that stuff away and out of sight! Right?!

But getting your laundry room cleaned and organized will not only just look nice. It will also make that laundry room work so much better for you if it is organized and tidy.

So here is everything you need to start an organizing project on your laundry room!


How to Organize a Laundry Room. Tips, Suggestions and free printables to help you organize your laundry room!



Your Plan for Organizing Your Laundry Room

The Laundry Room Task List

This is a free printable downloadable list, which has all the tasks and to do’s that you need to do to organize, clean and tidy your laundry room. 



In addition to this task list with the tasks already written out for you, I also give you another blank task list, so you can fill out your own tasks to do. Use them both together for maximum organization!



Notepaper for all your Notes and Ideas

As you go through this organizing project, you may realize that there are things you need to buy to make the space better.

Or you may have ideas about how to redesign your space, or want to write down all the little maintenance projects you know your laundry room will need.


This notepaper will allow you to write down anything you need to!

You can download the packet of Printables that you need for this organizing project right here!


Start Organizing Your Laundry Room!

By now you should have your Printables ready to start your laundry room organization. If you don’t have them yet, just click here to subscribe and get these for FREE (you can unsubscribe anytime, so don’t worry about making a commitment if you really don’t want to).

The first thing you want to do is go through your laundry room and throw out, or move, anything that shouldn’t be there.

Have you accumulated all kinds of stuff in your laundry room?  Your laundry room should primarily be for doing your laundry. But of course if you are short on space, your laundry room may double as a mud-room or storage area in your home.

Whatever you use your ‘laundry room’ for is of course absolutely fine and your choice. Just remove anything that doesn’t work with what you see as that room’s current use.

Once you have everything out that shouldn’t be there, it will be much easier to see what you have that needs to be organized and tidied!

Decide if you Need Certain Storage

Once you know, and have decided, what will stay in your laundry room, figure out if you need additional storage.

For instance, all that detergent and other cleaning products.  Are they just scattered on top of the washer and dryer right now? Or on a nearby work surface?  Could you buy something that would make them look tidier, such as a basket to hold them in?

You may also decide you want to install shelves in your laundry room, or make use of existing cupboards to store everything.

Look at the best ways to make that laundry room work for you.


Store Your Laundry the Best Way

Is your current laundry basket working well for you? 

Is it stuffed and out of control? Would you like to sort out your colors from whites and darks neatly and orderly?

Think about what you have right now, and what could work better for you

See our best Laundry Basket ideas right here.


Give Your Laundry Room a Thorough Cleaning

Give your laundry room a really good clean.

Clean the floor and baseboards, even the walls.  Clean your washer and dryer and the sink.  Clean cupboards inside and out.  

Clean it down thoroughly!  It will look so much better, and you won’t be dragging your family’s clothing and laundry through a dirty room!


Laundry Room Design Ideas & Inspiration

How to Organize a Laundry Room. Tips, Suggestions and free printables to help you organize your laundry room!

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It really helps to see ideas and inspiration for laundry rooms, so you know what you might want for your own laundry room.

If your laundry room isn’t working well for you right now, these ideas can show you how to create more space, and how to decorate and design your laundry room to look so much better.

If you see something you really like, you can take steps to get a laundry room just like it!  

You can see my post here with Ideas & Inspiration for Laundry Rooms!


If you are trying to get your home organized, don’t forget one of the most hard working rooms in your home – your laundry room!  Organize your laundry room today with our tips, suggestions and free Printables.

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