How to Keep Your Refrigerator Clean & Organized

Your refrigerator is a crucial machine in your home. It keeps all your perishable food fresh and readily available.  You use your fridge numerous times every day, so keeping it organized and clean is essential!


To maintain order in my home and family there are several crucial tasks and things I rely upon. Meal prep and planning is essential for instance. So is keeping my fridge clean and organized.

A clean and organized fridge is important to me, because nobody wants to keep food in a dirty refrigerator, and you can locate things so much easier in an organised refrigerator.

Keeping your fridge organized isn’t about being completely over the top with home organization! Of course you don’t have the time to have a super organized fridge that is worthy enough to appear on the pages of Good Housekeeping magazine!

This is not about showing off to your friends, or showing off your neat organized fridge on Instagram! This is about making that fridge work as well as possible for you. Along with meal prep and planning, your fridge is a crucial part of how your home runs.

This post is going to walk you through, step by step, how to get your refrigerator prepped and organized, so that it works amazingly for your home and your needs.


How to Keep your Refrigerator clean and organized #refrigerator #organization


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Step One: Give it a Good Deep Clean

Let’s be honest.  The cleanest your fridge has ever been is when you first got it all set up in your kitchen!  You probably wipe over the shelves occasionally?

You throw out old fruit and vegetables when they start to smell?  But you haven’t ever actually done a really good deep cleaning of that fridge?

It is good to give that fridge a good deep and thorough clean going forward.

Take everything out of your fridge and put it all aside. Clear out the fruit and vegetable trays, especially those old shrivelled up bits in the bottom that you can’t identify anymore! And all areas of your refrigerator.

Go through all the things you removed from you refrigerator. Throw out anything that is out of date or just really old. Throw out old condiments that you just never use.  Throw out old hard pieces of cheese and unidentifiable containers of leftovers.

Now you have removed everything from your refrigerator, giving you a nice clean base to work with give your fridge a good cleaning. Check with the manufacturers instructions and guidelines on the best cleaners to use for this, and what cleaners not to use for this.  

If you can, pull out those storage trays and give them a good rinse out and wash.  Wipe over the shelves and the storage areas on the backs of doors.

Get your fridge completely clean and cleared out, so it will work so much better for you going forward.

Once you fridge is really clean, try to keep it clean going forward. Once a week is probably too much for you to stick to for cleaning out your fridge, but certainly once a month should be doable.  Throw out anything old and expired, and give it a good wipe over.

I check my fridge once a week when I am making my shopping list.  I shop my fridge and pantry first to check what I already have in stock.  This is a really good time and opportunity to check the contents of your fridge and throw things away.

Step Two: Put Everything Back, Neatly & Organized

Now you have completely cleaned out your fridge, and have gone through everything you don’t need anymore, put everything that you are keeping back in there.

Organization is key here. You want to be able to locate things easily. You want to store things so they are kept as fresh as possible.

Group Similar Items Together

You don’t want to have to hunt through your fridge for certain food items. But by grouping everything together that is similar in nature, you will be able to find everything so much easier.

You can either use bins or containers inside your fridge for this, or just stack those items close to each other inside your fridge.

Your cheese drawer will automatically (hopefully) have like items together, as will your fruit and vegetable storage areas.

But you can keep your condiments together in the same place, leftovers etc.  That way it will be so much easier for you to store and locate everything.

Use Clear Storage Containers

If you use clear storage containers it will always be easy for you to see what exactly is inside them. You don’t want to have to go through every single container inside your fridge, opening it and looking and smelling the contents!  

Clear see-through storage containers let you see what is inside, without having to do any extra work! You can open your fridge and immediately see what you have and what is in there.

Invest in nice clear glass containers wherever possible. Glass is much better for the environment, and glass lasts and lasts.  If you already have clear plastic containers of course keep using them.

Here are some great clear glass storage containers that will work well:

Pyrex Simply Glass Storage Containers

Anchor Hocking Classic Glass Storage Containers

24 Piece Set Glass Storage Containers

Store your Produce Properly

Many fruits and vegetables can be stored in the refrigerator (never store potatoes or onions in there).  But you have to keep them optimally so they stay fresh and don’t go off too fast and easily.

Cloth produce bags work really well for storing fruits and vegetables inside your refrigerator.  You can keep like items together, and they are a great environmental choice.  Keeping fruits and vegetables inside containers and plastic bags doesn’t allow them to breathe.


Buy Items to Keep Things Together Easier

Cans of soda and water can be hard to keep in a refrigerator, and look neat and tidy, plus be available to be quickly located. You can of course just stack them on shelves, but I much prefer using these beverage can storage/dispensers.  They store cans in less space, and you can keep them all together ready to be pulled out.

Egg holders are good at keeping all your eggs together. But to be honest, I just tend to use the original eggbox that the eggs came in. I don’t have a problem with how an egg box looks inside the fridge.  For loose eggs, where you just have one or two leftover, I just use a small bowl for them.




Step Three: Keep a Fridge Inventory

If you have the time, and you find keeping lists helpful and fulfilling, keeping an inventory of what is in your fridge can be a good idea.  

That way you always will know what you need to replace and replenish, and you will also know how old something actually is in there.


Cleaning out and re-organizing your refrigerator, and keeping it that way going forward, will help you get so much more organized in your home!

Your refrigerator is a crucial machine in your home. It keeps all your perishable food fresh and readily available.  You use your fridge numerous times every day, so keeping it organized and clean is essential!

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