How to Finally be More Productive & Organized this New Year

There is no time like a new fresh year to put in place productivity and organizational strategies.  Take this opportunity of a new start to the year to finally get productive & organized!


As a busy working mom of 2 children, getting organized and being more productive was mandatory if our family was going to survive all the chaos of life!

Navigating raising children, running a home, working at a career, and everything else that we have to do in life is exhausting, and crazy.

My mom would often remark to me “you are so much busier than I was” and you know what – she is absolutely right. Because moms today are far more busier than our own moms were at the same stage in life.

Today there are so many more distractions, so much more to do, and so much more that is expected of us.  Life is no longer simple and easy. One of the reasons I started my blog Make Calm Lovely was to help fellow women deal with all that they have to do in life, while also taking care to look after themselves.

As we head into a new year this is a great time for you to put systems in place in your life, so that you can be more organized and productive.  Because if you are more organized and productive you will really reap the benefits. You might even make time to do more fun stuff for yourself!

Here are some of the ways you can become more organized and productive this year.

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Set Schedules and Routines for your Family

Schedules and routines are so important to allow your family life to run smoothly.  Routines allow you to know exactly what needs to be done, and when, so that everything will run to plan. Morning routines are especially important, when you are all trying to get out the door as fast as possible to work and to school.  Evening routines that are set up well can help you the next morning and beyond, as well as make evenings more calm and smooth for your entire family.

Take a look at your mornings as they are now. Make a list of everything that HAS to be done during your morning. That may include making school lunches, making your  lunch for work, getting your kids dressed, making breakfast and more. Once you have a list of everything that has to be done, put a time next to each task. If everything that needs to be done in the morning adds up to 30 minutes, but you only have 20, you will see that you need more time to do those things.

It is possible to make more time in your mornings, even though that probably seems impossible.  You can make more time by getting up earlier, or doing some morning things the night before. For instance, you can perhaps make lunches the night before, prepare breakfasts the night before, even put out the clothes your kids will be wearing the night before.

When you are raising kids and have a family you know only too well that the unexpected always pops up when you least expect it. A well planned routine and schedule will help you cope with the unexpected when it does happen.

By streamlining and planning out your morning and evening routines, you can also build in wiggle room, and some calm. It is not good for anybody to feel rushed and stressed in the morning before school and work. But if you have a well planned out schedule and routine you can build in some extra time so you are not so rushed and stressed.


Get Help Where you Need It

Getting help is hard for most moms.  We want to do everything ourselves, because we feel we should be doing everything ourselves. But you just can’t do everything. Not today you can’t. Things are so different today. Just because your mom did everything herself doesn’t mean you have to.  Our family and home lives today are very different from those of our mothers.

You need to get, and accept, help where you can.  It isn’t being selfish or weak. You will be a much better parent, spouse, worker and everything else if you get help where you need it.

There are many ways you can get help in your busy life:

Use a meal planning service to deliver ingredients and recipes to help you with weekday evening meals

Get your groceries delivered

Use apps to help you stay organized

There are also many things you can do yourself to make your weeks run easier:

Meal plan and prep for the week ahead

Set routines and schedules for your family


Learn Productivity & Time Management and put it to use

There are many different methods and schools of thought regarding how to be more productive, manage your time better, and set and stick to goals. Every person is different, and every solution is different. What works well for one person may not work for another.

You need to find the system that works for you and your family.  You may need to try a couple of different systems before you find the one that works best for you, and works well for you and your family.

There is a great solution to this, and a great educational resource on productivity, goal setting, time management and more!

The Ultimate Productivity Bundle is put out every year by the Ultimate Bundles people.  It is a collection of e-books, courses, and other resources that cover every aspect of getting more productive, organizing your time better, setting goals and more.

I absolutely love this bundle. I buy it every year, and every year I learn something new.  By implementing so many of the things I read and learn I have made my life so much easier.  There is no other way that I could raise two children, work full time, and run a business part-time, without being organized and having goals and plans. 

The Ultimate Productivity Bundle is incredible value for money – honestly – please take my word for that. It is a collection of 12 eBooks, 30 eCourses, 29 workbooks and Printables, and 2 membership sites. You get all that for just $47.00.  The value of all those courses bought separately adds up to $2837!  

The Ultimate Productivity Bundle is only on sale for one week, from January 2-8 2020.  After that if you want any of the great books, courses and other resources in the bundle you will need to buy them all separately (one course could literally set you back the price of the entire bundle!).

There are so many great resources in the bundle, but some I want to highlight for you, that I have found incredibly helpful are:

    • 7 Days to Calm: A Simple Guide to Creating Routines that Work for You
      An easy-to-follow guide and workbook to help you identify the problem areas in your day, develop solutions for creating smooth and easy days, and set yourself up to successfully follow your personalized routines. 
    • A Simple Cleaning Routine
      This workbook provides simple, action-based steps to help you keep your home clean and tidy in less than 30 minutes a day so that you can get back to living your best life! 
    • A Year of Living Productively: Weekly Experiments in Getting More Done
      A practical guide for beating procrastination, disorganization, and overwhelm. 
    • Build a Better Week Toolkit: Make Next Week Better Than This Week
      A simple system to manage your to-do lists and create prioritized weekly plans, using the worksheets and Trello templates provided, or your own favorite paper or digital planner.  
    • Daily Planning Pages for an Organized Family
      These printable daily routine sheets will help everyone in the family from pre-readers through mom stay on top of their most important tasks. 
    • The Humbled Homemaker’s Systems and Routines Templates
      Included in this package are templates for a family morning routine, nighttime routine, after school routine, meal cleanup routine, and a system for teaching children how to pack their own balanced lunches.
    • Creating A Digital Home Management System. Learn how to take your Home Management Notebook digital – and get everything you need to set up your system in minutes!
    • Your 20/20 Vision Plan: Getting Clear and Focused on What You Want, so You Can Achieve It by Stacey Stratton.  An online program that helps you gain clarity, stay focused and create a life you love. 
    • Goal Setting for Greater Purpose & Balance in Your Home
      This goal setting course is Gospel centered, grace filled, and goal oriented to help you make the most of your goals.  
    • From Procrastinating to Productive Mama: Why Moms Procrastinate and How to Get Over It!   Learn why you procrastinate and how to get over it so you can get control of your household, family and life! 
    • Change Your Life With a Planner.  Step by step help for customizing your perfect planner 
    • Easy Organized Living Productivity Planner . Helps you stay focused on what matters most and doesn’t waste time with extra fluff. No more sacrificing productivity in order to stay organized and focused on building a life you love. 
    • Your Best Life Planner An ebook full of different printable planners, to do lists, and more to help you live a happier life.

You can get more information about the Ultimate Productivity Bundle right hereIt is only on sale for a very short while, so honestly don’t delay. This is fantastic value for money, and you may just turn your home life around!

Take advantage of a fresh new year, and finally make your life more productive and organized!


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