How to deal with Junk Mail Paper Clutter

Junk Mail is a real problem in our homes, and paper clutter is one of the biggest causes of clutter in everyone’s home. But there are ways to stop it once and for all!


One of the biggest sources of paper clutter it seems is junk mail.  

Junk mail drops through your letterbox, or is jammed into your mailbox.  It probably includes a selection of different things – magazines, brochures, take-out menus, offers on window replacement, credit card offers and much much more.



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Why is Junk Mail a Problem?

Junk mail is a huge drain on the environment, and on our time too.

All those trees that are downed to create the paper used for junk mail, and all the resources used to print and distribute junk mail, are a real issue.

You also will need to spend so much of your time dealing with junk mail. You will need to sort it, trash it, and try to get off the distribution and mailing lists.  It is a lot of your time, which could be better spent on other things, that you choose to do.


How to Stop Junk Mail Once and for all

There are several steps that you can take to reduce and/or stop the junk mail that you receive.

It is sometimes trial and error to see what the most effective way to stop that mail is. But these suggestions should at least get you started on stopping that unwelcome mail.

According to Eco-Cycle there are “magic words” that you should use to be removed from lists, or not added in the first place, which are “Please do not rent, sell, or trade my name or address.” You should use those words anytime you are filling out a form, or applying for something in the first place, to try to avoid getting on any lists.

Ways to Stop that Junk Mail

Contact the Sender Directly

If there is a telephone number, address or website listed on the junk mail you are receiving you could call, write to them, or email them to stop sending you that mail.

This may or may not be successful, depending on who gets your messages. But it is a good first step.


Opt out of Certain Offers & Lists

You can choose to opt out of receiving offers for certain credit cards and insurance.  Visit optoutprescreen to opt out online.  You can also call 1-888-5-OPT-OUT (1-888-567-8688)

You can also opt out of those coupon packs that come through the mail, such as Valpak, and Red Plum.

Catalog Choice lets you opt out of receiving certain catalogs and mailings.  

DMAChoice lets you opt out of certain junk mail.  There is a small charge involved, but it is extremely low, and well worth it.

If you are receiving a lot of political junk mail, that you would rather not receive, there is a way to stop it.  Sometimes those mailings will provide an opt out telephone number on the mailings themselves.  Or you can just write directly to them (many will give their address or enclose an addressed envelope for donations), asking them to stop. 

There is also an app, PaperKarma, that allows you to take a photo of your junk mail and submit to them. They will then try to stop that junk mail from getting to you in future.


Return Junk Mail to Sender

You can of course mark the junk mail return to sender.  You could write a message on the catalog or envelope, stating that you no longer want to receive these mailings.  


Put up a “No Junk Mail” Sign

This is a sign that you place on your letterbox or mail box that basically says “no junk mail wanted here”.

Some people do report good luck with this method. But it all depends I have found on who is delivering things to you. Postal service workers are paid to deliver – end of, so they are unlikely to take that stuff away and not deliver it.

For things such as takeout menus and flyers, that are usually just popped through your letterbox or slipped inside your mailbox, this can have a good effect at least at reducing the amount you receive.  


If you are still Getting Junk Mail

If you have tried a method listed above, and you are still getting junk mail, try another method instead.

If those annoying mailings are still coming through your letterbox or are placed in your mailbox, take the actions above, but until they are effective, there are ways to deal with that clutter:


Deal with it Immediately

When you get stuff out of your mailbox, or pick up your mail that has landed on your doormat, weed out the junk mail immediately.  

You have several options here. You can either deal with getting off their list by calling, mailing or emailing them, or using one of the services listed above.

You can trash the junk mail, or you can recycle it. Recycling is kinder to the environment.

It may help to have a recycling trash can set up near to where you usually sort your mail. That way you can place the junk mail immediately into it, and then recycle it as you do with your other recycling.

But dealing with junk mail immediately, and not letting it pile up on a counter top, is the way to start tackling the problem.

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Pass your Junk Mail on

Received a gardening catalog that you didn’t request?  Perhaps you can pass it on to a neighbor who enjoys gardening.  Received a catalog for home wares that you never buy from, perhaps you friend who is doing an addition to her home could use it for ideas?  

Pass on catalogs and magazines as much as possible, which is dealing with the issue at hand immediately, and getting that clutter out of your home. But be mindful of what you give away, only give away and pass on what you know the person could use. Don’t add to their clutter pile.


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Junk Mail is a real problem in our homes, and paper clutter is one of the biggest causes of clutter in everyone’s home. But there are ways to stop it once and for all!



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