Help is at Hand for Busy Working Moms!

If you are a working mom you are probably feeling rushed and overwhelmed? You probably feel like you have no time to get anything done? Plus you have no time for yourself? But help is at hand!…


I completely get it. As a working mom of 2 children I worked full time constantly from shortly after my kids were born.  There were days when I didn’t even know who I was anymore. There were days when I just craved my bed.  There were days when I really didn’t know if I could carry on the way I was for much longer.

I ran out of work to pick up sick kids.  I checked into a hotel as I didn’t have power when my husband was on a business trip and I had sick kids.  I went without lunch so I could work through to get out on time.  I ran out at midnight to pick up diapers.  You’re a mom – you know what I am saying.

I am not superwoman by any means. I didn’t always handle problems and emergencies well.  I messed up many times. But somehow in the end everyone was healthy and happy and I got there!

There is no magic wand to managing your busy life when you are a busy working mom.  

But you can put systems, routines and things into place to make you more productive and organized, so that your life isn’t quite so rushed and crazy.


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The Busy Made Easier e-Book

I created Busy Made Easier to help busy parents.  It isn’t a magic wand, but it will show you where you are spending your time, what you are doing with your time, and where you need help.

Busy Made Easier is a three part e-book.  It is 90 pages of assessments, guidance and suggestions.  

Busy Made Easier #ebook #busy mom #working mom




It was only after I put systems into place in my own family, and really got serious about time management, that things improved for our family.

Kids are still going to get sick. Your kids are still going to be up at night.  You still have to do housework and cooking, and all those things for your family.

But if you manage your time better you will become more productive. Tasks will be easier and faster.  You will create more time to do other things, rather than just housework, cooking and more.

The first part of Busy Made Easier will guide you through assessments that are all about you. You will learn what you are spending your time on, and how much time you are spending on things. You will learn where you are wasting time. You may be surprised by many of the answers to the assessments that you take.

My friend Julie was amazed when she took the assessments for instance on how much time she was spending on social media every day. She has family around the world, and it is a good way for her to stay in touch and catch up with everybody. But she didn’t realize that she was actually wasting hours every day on social media, including Facebook.  It’s not a problem if she wants to be on Facebook of course, but she really wanted to start a little side business, so she could eventually stay home with her kids. She could have spent that time doing that instead.

The assessments were really able to help Julie out. She tracked her time for a week (which you will be doing too!), and she learned that she wastes so much time on electronics and social media.  She just didn’t realize how much time she was wasting on social media, as she was doing it little by little all throughout the day. But little by little adds up! By learning that, and more importantly by realizing that, she was able to stop doing it so much.

We don’t always realize what we are doing until we are tasked with looking at what we do.  The assessments are really quite a wake up call for most of us!

But of course, not everyone is wasting time. Some people just really don’t have the time in the first place. They can’t even find the time to go on Facebook! But the assessments will help with realizing what you need help with, and realizing what you don’t have to do, and what you can delegate and outsource.

Once you have done the assessments in part one of the book, you will move onto part two. Part two will show you how to change your behavior that you just learned about yourself.  It will show you how to put systems in place, how to be more productive in all areas of your life, how to use products and things to help you be more organized and productive.  

Even if you are not doing anything you shouldn’t be doing or don’t want to be doing, learning to do things better is always helpful. Part two will guide you through all the best ways to do what you have to do.

Part three of Busy Made Easier will show you how to get the help you need. It shows you how to prep and plan meals for your family, and which companies and services can even do this for you.

It will help you get ahead on household tasks, automate your errands, and make your home work better for you.

If you want to learn more about Busy Made Easier just click here!

Handy Workbook full of worksheets and Printables

When you buy the e-book you will also get an accompanying workbook. The workbook has worksheets that you can use to do the assessments in part one. It also has Printables for you to use for your grocery lists, household tasks tracking, morning and evening routine checklists. To Do list and more!

Busy Made Easier #ebook #busy mom #working mom



The book comes in a handy e-book format, so you can read it on any of your electronic devices.  You can read it while you are waiting for your kids at sports practices, as you sit in doctor’s offices, or at home!

I started Make Calm Lovely to help busy moms become more productive and organized, so they can enjoy the fun things in life and do what they want to do.  This e-book completely fits in with the goals of Make Calm Lovely!

For more information on Busy Made Easier just click here!


If you are a working mom you are probably feeling rushed and overwhelmed? You probably feel like you have no time to get anything done? Plus you have no time for yourself? But help is at hand!…

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