Handbag Chaos: How to Conquer it!

Here are all the tips you need to finally conquer the chaos that is your handbag.



Is your handbag or purse completely out of control? Does it take you ages to find what you are looking for, because it seems like a bottomless pit?!

However hard it may seem to keep your handbag organized, you really can get it organized once and for all!

When my kids were really small I needed a really big handbag! Because I was always carrying around snacks or a favorite toy that they got tired of carrying.  I had to have tissues and baby wipes always on hand, as well as the aforementioned snacks to stave off melt-downs.

Now my kids are older I don’t need to carry their stuff as well, but it is amazing what I feel that I do still need to carry around with me! I seem to think I have to prepared for a disaster with all that I have in my handbag!


How to organize your handbag and tame the chaos! #organization #handbag



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If you are just tired of carrying around so much and not being able to find what you need in the depths of your handbag, or you are looking for a new handbag and have to clear out your old one, this post is for you. 

I will help you purge stuff you don’t need from your handbag, offer solutions for conquering the clutter that is in your handbag, and show you great ideas for organizing your handbag.


Empty your handbag completely!

Before you do anything else here, you need to find a clean space and empty all the contents of your handbag out. 

This is a great way to see exactly what on earth you are carrying around with you everyday! You are going to be a bit grossed out probably by finding something like an old cough sweet all sticky and dusty in the bottom of your bag.  You will probably find something you thought you had lost ages ago. 

Make sure that you go through all the pockets and compartments that also make up your handbag, clearing out every part and every corner of your handbag.


Conquer handbag chaos


Shake it out!

Now you need to thoroughly shake out your handbag, preferably over your trash can.  It is also a good idea to turn the lining inside out to really get rid of all the dust and debris that may be lurking there.  


Clean Your Handbag

Now you need to wipe over the inside of your handbag, and the outside, to make sure it is clean. You can use baby wipes (make sure they are alcohol free) or natural wipes without too many perfumes and alcohol. 

If you have a nice handbag it probably came with care instructions, so follow them carefully.  If you are in doubt test a small area of the inside or outside of the bag first before cleaning it, to make sure it won’t ruin it.


Group Handbag Contents Together

Now, taking the contents you removed from your bag do the following:

Throw out anything you don’t need.  Old tissues for instance that have been separated from their packaging, old chewing gum that is so old it is hard, any trash you find in there, old receipts etc.

Group the contents. Taking all the contents of your bag, put them into like groups.  You should have a group of beauty items for instance, a group of medicines/pills, a group of hair items etc.


Keep what you need from your Handbag

What do you definitely need to keep in your handbag?:

Your purse/wallet

Your cellphone


Sunglasses/reading glasses/glasses

Medications, such as aspirin, allergy medicine etc

Key chain and keys


Narrow your handbag down to the essential contents that you will need.  Remember, you use your handbag for everyday use, you are not taking it off on a long trek where you need every essential in it known to man!

You can easily replenish what is in it, take something out, add something to it. Don’t get bogged down with thinking that you need absolutely everything in your handbag! (hands up, I’m totally guilty of this!).

As you place what you need in a keep pile, wipe off each item to make sure it is clean and dust-free (you just totally cleaned out your handbag, you don’t want to add dirt and dust back in there).


Common handbag Clutter problems (and how to manage them)

Make-up.  Hands up if you carry your full makeup bag around with you?! I am also guilty of this. I never know if I need to go somewhere straight from work and need to touch up my makeup etc.

But that full makeup bag is a lot to carry around with you each day, and chances are you are probably only touching up your makeup throughout the day with just a couple of items from your makeup bag? 

Solution:  Carry around a special makeup touch up kit instead.  Use a smaller makeup bag (these clear bags are great for this) and place just a few items inside to touch up your makeup throughout the day.

You probably for instance won’t need something like mascara throughout the day, as that is typically only applied once a day, and you won’t need full foundation throughout the day, just a touch-up to it, or powder. 

If you are concerned about transferring what you need to touch up to your handbag every day, purchase separate touch-up items and keep them constantly in your handbag. 

That way they are always there, and you don’t need to think about it every morning.  You may have to pay out some money for the touch-up items, but you are going to use them anyway if you look at it that way.

Feminine products.  You probably carry feminine products with you all the time, such as pads and tampons. But how often do you really need those items – only once a month for a few days! 

Instead, prepare a separate ‘monthly’ bag of feminine products, and when you know the time is approaching each month that you will need feminine products for, place them in your bag at that time, removing them again when you no longer need them. 

Medicines and medical items.  Do you carry around a huge tub of aspirin or painkillers for when you get a headache?  That tub is taking up quite a bit of room. Instead why not purchase a small pill container, and keep a small supply on hand of what you may need? That will free up a lot of room and weight.  You can label it to show what is inside.

Coins. Do you have a purse with a lot of spare coins? They can get pretty heavy!  Only carry a few small coins around with you, and keep the other spares in a jar or coin rolls to use later or place into your bank account.  

Pens and notebooks. You should only need one small notebook if you usually carry a notebook around with you, and one or two pens. Any more than that is just cluttering up your bag.

Financial items.  If you are carrying around your checkbook and gift cards, if your bag is stolen they can also be stolen. 

You probably don’t need your checkbook every day (very few people are actually writing checks now on a daily basis), and you should plan on taking the gift cards with you when you actually go on a targeted shopping trip to use them.  


Create other spaces in your Handbag for certain things

You may have work-out items stashed in your handbag, or things you need for work. These items shouldn’t be weighing down your handbag, and should be placed elsewhere. 

Have your workout items in a separate bag, which you can keep at your desk or in your car.  Keep a special car kit for things you may need whilst on the road. 

Keep things in your desk drawer or a cupboard at work for things you need during your work day. Try to make your handbag just a handbag – nothing more.  


Make everything has a home in your handbag

If finding things in your handbag is a real issue, give everything its own special home. That way you will know exactly where it is each time you are looking.

Use an organizerA handbag organizer can keep all your items in a special place exactly where you need them to make them easier to find. 

The great thing about handbag and purse organizers is that if you frequently change handbags you can just move it out into another handbag, keeping all your items still together in their place. 

Use a custom handbag organizer.  These custom organizers are designed with your bag size in mind, to make them really useful to you.   

Purse organizer


Use small clear storage bags.  Clear storage bags allow you to keep groups of items together, in a handy see-through bag so it is easily found.  These clear storage bags are zippered bags that will group what you need together in one place.


How to organize your handbag and tame the chaos! #organization #handbag


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If your handbag is just a bottomless pit of chaos, here is how to finally conquer that chaos that is your handbag!



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