DIY glitzy gold alphabet magnets

It is incredibly easy to create these glitzy gold alphabet magnets! These gold magnets add a modern look to your pinned notes and ideas.  They just couldn’t be easier to make. All you need is gold spray paint (or a color of your choice) and a packet of colored alphabet magnets – that’s it!

The alphabet magnets that you can buy just about anywhere are great for sticking on your refrigerator or notice boards, and especially good for kids, but I find the colors so blah.  Not that colors are blah necessarily of course, but those plastic colored alphabet magnets just look a little cheap and unexciting.  But if you spray them, you can create a more ‘upmarket’ and classier looking alphabet magnet. You don’t have to use gold of course, you could spray them silver or bronze, or any color of your choosing.  But sprayed in a different color, especially a metallic color, just makes them look so much classier.


DIY glitzy gold alphabet magnets



I used a metallic gold spray paint that I purchased from Michaels, but you can get metallic spray paints at most craft stores, Target, Walmart, or even DIY stores.   The alphabet magnets I bought from Target, but you can find them in so many stores, even some dollar stores may carry them.  A packet of plastic colored alphabet magnets is fairly inexpensive to buy.

I set up the spraying area outside: because of the strong smell of the paint this is very much advised (only do this indoors if you have a VERY WELL ventilated room).  The picture below shows them just sprayed.  I put down lots of trash bags onto the table outside, to make sure the gold paint didn’t go everywhere. It was very sunny on the day I sprayed them – as I think you can see from the light in this photo!  The spray can go in lots of directions, so you are advised not to spray them near anything that you don’t want to accidentally give a color to!

Spread out your newspaper, trash bags, or whatever you are using to protect your surface. It is best to use a completely flat surface, that way the paint will go on easier when sprayed.  Clear an area outside to do this in, away from anything that can be accidentally sprayed, and make sure no children or pets are around! You may also want to wear a mask, so that you do not inhale the fumes from the spray. You are not going to be using a lot of paint spray, but it is amazing how just a small amount can put off a lot of fumes.  It is best to do the spraying on a fine day. You don’t want to do these on a day that it is sprinkling slightly with rain, or particularly damp, as that will affect the finish on your magnets.  I chose a sunny day for this project, which seemed to work well.


gold alphabet magnets


The magnets will need a couple of sprays to get them really even looking and covered completely. Spray one layer of the paint and leave to dry, then spray another to touch up any areas that were missed the first time.  Try not to spray them too close as the effect will not be so even and the paint can pool and have lots of imperfections.  12-18 inches away is a good distance to spray them from. The magnets in this photo had received just one spray.  I sprayed them again to even out the color and make them look better (the magnet shown in the photo below has had 2 coats of spray and as you can see looks evenly covered).

Leave the magnets to dry for a while before finally using them, just to make sure that the paint on each magnet is dry. Overnight is advised, to really get the paint to set.  I would not advise using them the same day that you spray/make them, as there may be patches of paint that are still damp.

I put the magnets on our family whiteboard – with an initial magnet for each person’s name.  Therefore any time there is a note to place for them, I can just place it on the appropriate initial magnet.  These magnets would look great on a fridge also!  As you can see the metallic gold looks really effective and much classier than those plastic colored alphabet magnets!  As mentioned previously, the magnet in this photo has received two sprays and has been left to dry overnight before use.


gold alphabet magnets





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