Gift Ideas for Advent Calendars

Here are ideas and suggestions for gifts and treats for Advent Calendars! Whether you are making a calendar,or have bought one, you need ideas!


What do you put into an envelope, box or section of an advent calendar? It is a difficult task it seems! So here are numerous ideas and suggestions for what to buy, and make, for your DIY Advent Calendar.  Or for an advent calendar that you have bought that needs to be filled.


Gift Ideas for Advent Calendars. #Christmas #Holidays #AdventCalendar


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A Daily Joke

A daily joke, written or typed out on a piece of paper, will slip easily inside an advent calendar.  Make them smile with a joke a day! You could also give them a riddle to solve.



Stickers are loved by most kids, and putting a different sticker inside the advent calendar every day, especially Christmas stickers will make them smile.


Lego Mini Figures

Lego mini figures are so loved, and so collectable.  They will love collecting a different Lego Mini Figure each day.



Charm bracelet and charms

I love this idea. Every day place a charm inside the advent calendar. The charms can either be Christmas themed, or any them at all.

The actual charm bracelet to put the charms on will either go inside the advent calendar for Christmas Eve, or Christmas Day.


Love Notes

How about a love note per day for your significant other, or your child/children?  For instance, a note that says you love the color of their eyes,or their big wonderful smile!


Fridge Magnets

You could place a different fridge magnet into the calendar each day. Pretty soon they will have quite a collection.

Kids always love to play with fridge magnets!  If you wanted to do something educational, perhaps an alphabet magnet every day, until they get the whole alphabet!


Miniature Candy

The candy that comes in the big packs that you give out at Halloween is the perfect size to put into an advent calendar.  As are Hershey’s Kisses and miniature peanut butter cups.


Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces

For this you buy a jigsaw puzzle, and place a piece in the advent calendar each day.

At the end of the time period they can assemble the jigsaw! You can do a Christmas theme, or a theme on something that interests them. 24 piece jigsaw puzzles are just perfect for this!

Printable Coupons

Design some coupons that the can cash in for various things. Some ideas for this include dinner out at a restaurant, bowling alley trip, go out for ice cream etc. You can get very creative with ideas for this!


Silly Bands

Silly Bands make great bracelets and come in all different colors and shapes.  They will love to collect a different silly band each day!


Give Something Back Each Day

Encourage helping others by placing a note about something special to do for others each day.  This can include things such as smile at somebody today, buy somebody a coffee today etc.



If you know somebody who loves cooking and baking, print out, or write out, a recipe each day.


Small Lego Sets

You could place a different Lego piece(s) in the calendar each day. They would collect the pieces, and then make up the Lego at the end when they have all the pieces.


Travel Sized Toiletries or Make Up

Place a small travel sized toiletry item, or article of makeup inside the calendar.


Brain Teaser Puzzles

Place a different puzzle piece to solve inside the calendar each day.


Temporary Tattoos

Sheets of temporary tattoos fit just perfectly inside advent calendars.


Christmas Tree Ornaments

Place a different small Christmas tree ornament into the calendar each day. They can then place it on the tree each day.


Cookie Cutters

A different cookie cutter each day, especially a Christmas themed one, will come in useful when making Christmas cookies!


Christmas Themed Jewelry

How about a piece of Christmas themed jewelry each day? There are so many different Christmas themed earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces available.


Sewing Supplies

If you have somebody in the family who loves to sew, fill the calendar with a different sewing supply each day. This could include needles, thimble, cotton, etc.


Craft Supplies

If they love doing crafts, place a different craft supply in the calendar each day. This can include glue, washi tape and more


Office Supplies

Place a different office supply item in the calendar each day. This can include paperclips, clips, notepads and more.


Art Supplies

You could place a different colored crayon or pencil in the calendar each day. Or choose other small art supplies.



How about placing a dollar per day inside the calendar? Or a quarter each day. That way the recipient can save up the money each day, and then buy something special with it at the end.


Treasure Map

How about designing a treasure map, based on your garden or home. Then every day put a clue in the advent calendar as to where the treasure is ‘buried’  As they collect the clues they will get closer and closer to finding the treasure!


Hair Accessories

Hair accessories, such as hair clips, hair ties and more, are usually small enough to fit inside a calendar.


Finger Puppets

Finger puppets provide hours of fun. Put a different finger puppet in the advent calendar each day, until they build a collection. They can then put on a show for you!


Sticker Earrings

Sticker earrings are a great gift to put into an advent calendar for girls. They can try out a new pair of earrings every day. This is an especially great idea for girls who don’t have their ears pierced, but want to wear some pretty earrings.


Other ideas for Advent Calendar Gifts

You can buy packs of small gifts that are sized just right for an advent calendar. Such as this one.



Whatever you choose to buy, make, or create for your DIY Advent Calendar, make sure it will make them smile!


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