11 reasons why you should have your groceries delivered

Your weekends and evenings are precious, and they are probably taken up with running chores that you can’t do during the week, that includes grocery shopping. 

Shopping for your weekly groceries takes time, and probably takes at least an hour or two of your time each time you go to the store, not to mention time spent driving to and from the store, and loading and unloading shopping carts and bags.

Well – scratch grocery shopping off your to-do list right now!  Having your groceries delivered is one way that you can really save on time.   

That few hours of grocery-shopping related duties every weekend can be put to much better use. You could take your kids to the park in that time, visit a museum together, spend time playing with your kids at home, or even take much needed ‘me’ time for yourself.

In addition to saving time for you and your family, there are also numerous other reasons why you should have all your groceries delivered directly to your home.



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You save money by having your groceries delivered

Yes there may be delivery fees or subscription charges associated with many grocery delivery services (usually fairly low however), but ultimately you are going to save money. 

You are not going to have to use gas to and from the grocery store. You won’t be seduced by special offers on things that you don’t really need, you won’t be prone to impulse buying, and you will stick to a grocery list and budget without buying additional items.


You meal plan ahead of time

Ordering your groceries online forces you to plan out your meals well in advance. You will actually have to consider everything needed for each meal, down to every small ingredient. 

This means you are less likely to eat out (saving more money), because you have your meals all planned in advance and you know exactly what you have in your store cupboards.


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You know if you have a certain ingredient

If you are at the grocery store and you are not sure if you have something, such as a certain spice or other ingredient, you have to guess which can sometimes lead to you purchasing and having more of an item than you need. 

But when you place an order online at home, you can just run to your cupboards or pantry to see if you actually have that item.


You are less likely to forget certain items

Because you have to come up with a list of items that you need, you are less likely to get back from the store realizing that you forgot something, and then have to go out once again to get it.

Numerous runs to the grocery store is known to really blow your grocery budget.


You won’t impulse buy

I am terrible for impulse buying at the grocery store! I pick up all kinds of things that tempt me that I don’t really need.  Impulse buying completely blows your grocery budget.  If you impulse buy in the store you don’t have regret a lot of the time until you actually get home. 

It is easy to just place something in your cart and forget about it until you get to the checkout – then it is too late to run it back to the shelf or display you grabbed it from in the first place. But ordering online controls what you purchase.


You only have to make one ‘trip’

Because you sit down and make a list and choose your items for a delivery, you are less likely to run out and do several different shopping trips, therefore spending more time on errands.

Having your groceries delivered forces you to only have one ‘trip’ a week to get all your groceries at one time.


You can make the most of weekly sales and specials

Most grocery delivery services offer weekly specials and savings. These can range from two for one deals, a certain percentage off, and special pricing on items.  You get special notice of any deals when you belong to the delivery services.

Your groceries are delivered straight to your door

Delivery services are wonderful for the ease of grocery shopping.  Your groceries are delivered straight to your doorstep. No more loading them in your cart, then out of your cart onto the conveyor belt, then back in your cart, out to your car, and then unloaded from your car (doesn’t all that make you dizzy just thinking about it!). 

Your groceries come straight to your door and you can immediately put them away.


You can choose when you get your groceries

With grocery delivery services you can select the day and time that you would like your groceries delivered.  You could choose to have them delivered as you arrive home from work, on a Friday evening ready for the weekend, on a Sunday evening ready for the week ahead.


It helps you stay on budget

Because you can see exactly what you are spending online as you are placing items into your online cart, you can control how much you are spending on that particular shopping trip.  If you go over budget it is very easy to remove the items from your online cart.

So now you have seen why you should have your grocery shopping delivered – what are your options?  Here are some of the most common home grocery delivery services, and information for you on special offers for them all right now.


Amazon Fresh
Amazon Fresh has a FREE 30 day trial going on right now.  After the free trial expires the fees are $14.99 per month, which works out less than $4 per week for delivery.

Peapod for Giant
Peapod is a home grocery delivery service from Giant grocery stores.  If you sign up now you can get $20 off your first order and free delivery

Fresh Direct
Fresh Direct has a two month free trial right now for new sign-ups.

Walmart has great grocery prices, and they offer a grocery delivery service. Check their site for their latest home grocery shopping offers and deals.

Instacart offers grocery deliveries from all the stores you normally shop at. They have free delivery for 14 days with their Express membership.

Safeway have rush delivery services and regular delivery services.  They have specials and free delivery on certain orders right now.


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