Get your Finances in Order (and Have Fun Doing it!)

Finances are part of life – like it or not!  You need to get your finances in order.  But it isn’t exactly exciting is it?!  But this great Printable Coloring Budget Pack will make getting a handle on your finances so much more fun!



We all need to get our finances in order. We all need to start and follow a budget. We need to track our spending and our savings. We need to actually know where our money is going each month.

Are you bored already?! Yes you know you need to do this stuff.  But it isn’t much fun. It isn’t exactly sexy or amazing to do is it?!

But that is why I am offering this Printable Coloring Budget Pack.  The pack is designed to make getting control of your finances fun!  The Pack is 26 pages of everything you need to get your finances in order.

Each page of the pack can be colored, as well as filled in with your financial information and financial tracking. 

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Printable Budget Coloring pack




Get your Finances in order Printable Coloring Pack


The entire Pack is designed to be printed off, and then we recommend purchasing a 3-ring binder to place all the pages in. That way you keep all your financial information together, in one convenient place. (See our recommended binder at the end of this post).


Printable coloring budget pack


What’s more – you can color in the front and back pages, inside title page, spines for your binder, and tab dividers!  These are all placed inside the ring binder and will look bright and colorful.


Get Your Finances in Order While you Watch TV!

Several of our purchasers have told us that they actually had fun doing this while they just sat and watched TV!  They could color the pages as they went along, and enter in their financial information gradually.  The various pages are so easy to fill in, that it is an easy job to do while you are multi-tasking – such as watching TV!


You Have Enough to Do! You Might as well Have Some Fun Doing it!

With all that you have to do in your busy life, you might as well have some fun doing the things you have to do!  Nobody likes dealing with finances, especially actually setting budgets and figuring out where their hard-earned money is going. So why not have fun while you are doing this.

Coloring is known to be calming and relaxing.  Coloring is one of the best stress-relief outlets there is. It is great to sit down and color a picture, making it your colors of choice.  


Printable Budget Coloring Pack



This complete pack Includes

  1. Budget Cover Coloring Page for View Binder
  2. Budget Back Cover Coloring Page for View Binder
  3. Coloring Spines – 2 Pages (depending on size of your view binder in either 1/2″ or 1″ size)
  4. Beautiful Colorable Title Page for Inside Your Binder
  5. Tab Dividers (color these to separate the different sections of your binder: Logs, Debt, Occasional Bills)
  6. Pay the Bills – Bill Payment Log (you’ll want to print at least 12 of these, one for each month)
  7. Pay the Bills – Year At A Glance
  8. Bank Account Register (record incoming and outgoing transactions from your bank)
  9. Charitable Contributions Log
  10. Savings Account Log
  11. Categories (fun coloring page outlining typical budget categories)
  12. Monthly Budget – Style 1 (these have a blank space for the month)
  13. Monthly Budget – Style 2 (these have a blank space for the month)
  14. Budget Envelopes  (for the envelope method of budgeting)
  15. Debt Be Gone!  (master debt payoff tally sheet)
  16. Financial Freedom (colorable piggy image: put your financial goal at the top and color milestones)
  17. Daily Spending (record what you spend in a day)
  18. Pay the Bills Calendar (record when bills are due)
  19. Debt Payoff Log (print one for each debt you owe, and record payments)
  20. Net Worth (assets minus liabilities equals net worth -watch this grow!)
  21. Account Info (track account numbers and information)
  22. Occasional Bill Log (master sheet for those random, recurring bills; property taxes, car insurance, annual vet visits)
  23. Occasional Bill Log (track each of your random recurring bills)
  24. Occasional Bill Categories (fun colorable page filled with common occasional bill categories)
  25. At a Glance – Monthly Recap – Jan – June
  26. At a Glance – Monthly Recap – July – Dec
  27. Notes


The entire Printable Coloring Budget Pack is so low priced.  It is on sale for little more than the cost of a cup of coffee!  For such a low price you can get your family finances in order fast and easily, and you can have fun doing it!

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Recommended Supplies for the Printable Coloring Budget Pack

What you need:

A 3-ring view binder.  Either a 1/2 inch or 1 inch spine.  We recommend a 1 inch spine, so that you can store more sheets in your binder.  I recommend this binder, but many others are available.  A view binder allows you to place sheets of paper into the front, back and spines of your binder.

Pens and pencils for coloring.

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Printable budget pack to color


The Printable Coloring Budget Pack will finally get your finances in order, and you will have fun doing it!

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