6 Free To Do List Apps that will Sync Across all Your Devices

If you use a To Do list to stay organized and on track, you need a To Do list app that will sync across all your devices.

To Do lists can be essential for us to stay on track and organized. But they only really work well if they sync across all your electronic devices, and in some cases can be shared with other family members.

You may have a phone, a tablet, and several computers that you use. Depending on where you are, and what time of day, you may rely on different technology for prompts and help.  Therefore having a To Do app that will sync across all your different electronic devices will aid you so much better in staying and getting organized.

Here are 6 absolutely free To Do list apps that sync across all your devices, and in some cases can be shared also with other family members, for maximum productivity!


6 free to do list apps that will sync across all your devices


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To Do list apps can really increase your productivity, especially when they can sync across all your devices.  They can be shared with all family members too for even more organization.

Here are 6 of the best To Do list apps out there!  What’s more they are all completely free.


1.Google Tasks

Anything Google is great to use because it is free, well-known, and also syncs with so many other Google apps and programs.

There are two different products from Google that use To Do lists: Google Tasks, and Google Keep.

Google Tasks is a very simple To Do list app.  It can be accessed on your smartphone or tablet, or if you use other Google features, you can access it from your Google Toolbar (as you access your GMail etc).

With Google Tasks you create a number of different lists.  You then fill in those lists with the tasks you need to do.  You can add as many tasks as you want to, and you can also split these into sub-tasks.   Another great features of this app is that you can set a due date for a particular task.

Google Tasks also integrates with your Google Calendar, making this so much more valuable for you.

As mentioned, this is a very simple and basic task and to do list app. It doesn’t come with elaborate bells and whistles and numerous features. It just simply creates a to do list and that is it.

However, if you are looking for something that does the job, is un-fussy, and does not require you to have to take a course, or read a lot of how to’s on how to use it, this is the to do app you need in your life!

Read How to Get Started with Google Tasks here


2.Remember The Milk

Remember The Milk is a very usable app for your To Do lists.  It has a very good smart add feature, that lets you add a task to a list quickly and easily.  You can also set due dates, making it very helpful.

Reminders for what you need to do can be sent to you by email, text, IM, Twitter and mobile apps, making this app so useful.



The app lets you create as many lists as you want to,  and each list can be tagged with colors, making it easier to organize your tasks and lists.

You can also set sub-tasks, which break up your tasks into more manageable lists.  What’s more you can create sub-tasks for sub-tasks!

Other great features of this app are that you can attach files to tasks, search for things using the search wizard, and you can connect it with many other apps and software that you also use.

The Basic features are all free, but you can upgrade to the premium paid version for more bells and whistles and more features should you need them.

Sign up for Remember The Milk here


3. Microsoft To Do

This free app is very easy to use, and it syncs perfectly on any device.  

You can create multiple lists with Microsoft To Do, organize tasks by date, and also add files to your tasks.  In addition you can send reminders to yourself, and also add further notes to all tasks and lists.

This is a very basic To Do list app. There is no premium paid version, therefore the free version is what you see and what you get. But once again, if you don’t want anything complicated, and you just want a To Do list app that does it job, this is a good option for you.

You can get Microsoft To do here


4. Todoist

This free app is ranked very highly by most computer magazines and sites.  It comes in a website, mobile app, or desktop tool, making it easy to use on any device.

It is incredibly easy to use and full of features, making it an invaluable free app.  Whether you are using it on your computer or smartphone, the interface looks exactly the same on whatever device you are using.  

Todoist works by entering a task, then setting a due date.  There is a premium paid version which allows you to set labels and alarms also, but for most users the free version is ample enough.  

Todoist lets you email tasks to yourself, and there are also self-populating lists that will show you what is scheduled for that day, or the next week.

Todoist is a highly recommended free To Do list app, that is easy to use, has maximum performance, and great features.

You can sign up for Todoist here


5. TickTick

TickTick is a very similar app to Todoist, although it doesn’t have quite as many free features.

One of the great things about TickTick is that it does allow you to add a task by voice. It can also add tasks by email, and even Siri.

You can set reminders, so you never miss a deadline or thing that needs to be done, and it also has handy visible calendar views.

This is a good basic To do list app. The only drawback is that you will need to upgrade to the Premium paid version to get many of the great features.

You can get TickTick right here


6. Cozi

Cozi is a great app for keeping your entire family organized, and it has great To Do list features.

The great thing about the To Do list feature in Cozi is that it can add not just your To do’s, but also your entire family’s.  It can also be shared with all family members, making everyone, not just you!, extremely organized.

Cozi lets you enter as many To Do lists as you need to, and you can re-order those lists by priority, and also add headers to keep them organized.  If you add a due date to a task it will appear in the family calendar, which is also shared with all family members.

Cozi: An Easy Way to keep your Entire Family Organized

You can sign up for Cozi here



A To Do list app can greatly help your organization and productivity. But the best apps are the ones that sync across all your devices.

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