Father’s Day Gifts that keep on Giving!

Looking for a unique gift for Fathers Day that keeps on giving?  Then consider these subscription box ideas. There is a subscription box for every thing a Dad needs, and it is the perfect gift that keeps on giving throughout the year


A subscription to a special themed box means that Father’s Day will not just last one day. The special father in your life will get a Father’s Day again and again, month after month!

Subscription boxes are themed to what he likes. Therefore every month there will be a fantastic surprise for him to discover and enjoy.

Instead of giving just one gift, one time, for Father’s Day, consider giving him the gift that keeps on giving.

There is a subscription box for just about anything that he may love, or want to discover. That includes grilling boxes, boxes of beef jerky, shaving equipment, books, apparel, and so much more.

Here are 10 subscription boxes that would be great picks for Father’s Day, covering all kinds of things he will love, or love to discover.



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The Barber Box

Does he love to pamper himself?  Perhaps he wont admit to it, but everyone enjoys a little pampering! A good shave is what all men crave, and a wet shave is the way to get that close shave that gives them a spring to their step! So consider getting him a personal barber every month, with the Shaving Club Box.  

Shaving subscription box

Every month features a shaving soap or cream, replacement razor blades, and two full-sized grooming products.  Those grooming products include post shave soothing balms, and pre-shave oils, scented (but manly) colognes and more.

Past boxes have included products such as scented handmade shaving soap from a master soap maker in Scotland, peppermint and cucumber pre-shave wash, cedarwood and lime scented pre-shave oil, a ‘viking’ scent solid cologne, and a citrus and mornga scented shaving cream, among so many other amazing products.

You can get the Shaving Club subscription box right here


The Grilling Box

If he loves nothing better than getting outside and grilling to his heart’s content, he will love the Grill Masters Club subscription box!

Grill masters subscription box


Every month the Grill Masters Club subscription box delivers the best grilling and BBQ goods and supplies.  Each box comes with four full sized BBQ products, which include rubs, sauces, spices, wood chips, and grilling accessories.  The box also comes with a new recipe to try every month. Plus there is even a dedicated Facebook group to join to share experiences and recipes!

The contents of past boxes has included Good Smoky Maple Bacon Onion relish, African Peri Peri rub, white BBQ sauce, papaya BBQ sauce, and Lower East Side Brisket Rub.

You can get the Grill Masters Club Subscription here


The Outdoor Box

If he loves the outdoors, and going out for hikes, camping, or just enjoying the outdoors and nature, he will love the Hikewize Subscription Box!

outdoors subscription box

The Hikewize subscription box is delivered 4 times a year, and contains everything he will need for an outdoor hike.  The box also comes with general trail tips and advice for visiting national parks.  There are 5-7 full size products in each box, and each box is full of very high quality items that add up to far more than the cost of the subscription.

Past boxes have included items such as pour over coffee equipment and carabiner mug, headlamps, ultra light Gobi Gear backpack, hiking socks, sweatshirt, snacks, water bottles, and towels, among so many other items.

You can get the Hikewize Subscription Box Here


The Jerky Box

If he loves meat, and is partial to a good beef jerky, he will love the Stick in a Box, original gourmet beef jerky subscription box!

Jerky subscription box

The Stick in a Box jerky box looks all over for unique and gourmet beef jerky.  They have sourced over 400 different jerky – that you just can’t get in any grocery store.  There are two different sized boxes – the Gladiator, and the Lite Knight.  

Past Stick in a Box contents have included garlic beef jerky, bacon jerky, and so much more!

You can get the Stick in a Box Subscription Box here


The Cocktail Box

If he fancies himself as a bit of a mixologist, and loves to come up wit different drink concoctions, the Saloon Box would be great for him!

Cocktails subscription box


Whether he is already an expert mixologist, or wishes he was one this subscription box would be great for him. Each kit comes with enough ingredients for 4+ cocktails every month.  The box contains everything he needs, including spirits, bitters, syrup, honey, dried fruit, seltzer, juice and more.  You can also add on bar ware to this box, if you want to make it more special.  

Past cocktails that have been featured in this box include a Milk Punch cocktail, the Antidote, Birdsong cocktail, Comeback cocktail, Triple Threat, Kentucky Mule, and Cherry Bomb, among so many others!

You can get the Saloon Box Subscription Box here


The Beer Box

If he loves trying new beers, a subscription to the HopHeads Beer Club would be great for him!

Beer subscription box

The HopHeads Beer Club features 12 craft beers every month. The beers are from two or more selected breweries.  The box also comes with a newsletter with tasting notes, accompanying food suggestions, and brewery profiles.  There is also a free bottle opener with every order.  The beers are curated from over 10,000 US and international breweries, and feature hoppy beers such as IPAs, Double IPAs, Imperial IPLs, Session IPLs, and pale and red ales.

Past boxes have included beers from the Blackstone Brewing Company, Schmaltz Brewing Company, and the Backpocket Brewing Company, among so many others.

You can get the HopHeads Beer Club Subscription Box Here




The Culture Box

If he would really appreciate a surprise every month, that includes a book and other items around a theme, the Culture Carton subscription box is what he will love!

Culture subscription box

Every Culture Carton box includes a book, and 3-5 lifestyle items, all situated around a certain theme.  Those items include style accessories, leather goods, grooming products, gourmet food and more.  The book selections vary between classic fiction and modern fiction every other month.

Past boxes have included the Lewis box, which featured the book It Can’t Happen Here by Sinclair Lewis, an Omit watch, Nikolas Ryan pocket square, and Jim Beam whiskey stones; and the Orange box, which featured the book There There by Tommy Orange, a bluetooth speaker, cooling towel, and no show socks!

You can get the Culture Carton Subscription Box here


A Box for a New Dad

If he is a new dad, give him the Rad Dad subscription box as a gift! 

New Dad subscription box

This subscription box aimed especially at new fathers, is like a monthly dad “starter kit!”   It comes full of useful products that welcome him to fatherhood.  Products included inside the box include grooming products, dad-themed books and apparel, toys for baby, and dad/baby activities!

Previous boxes have included snacks, baby onesies, coffee, face scrub, wooden blocks, wooden boat toy, tape measure, Eric Carle stroller flashcards, hand balm, bubbles, sore muscle rub, and so much more!

You can get the Rad Dad Subscription Box here


A Box with Stuff Guys Love

If he loves discovering different gadgets and products, including gear and electronics, he will love the All He Loves Subscription Box.

Mens subscription box

This box contains a hand picked selection of gear, electronics and gadgets that can’t be found just anywhere.  Every month he will love discovering all the items that his box contains!

Past contents of the All He Loves Subscription Box have included canvas backpack, leather wallet, pocket knife, wireless earbuds, no-tie shoe lacing system, electric handheld massager, charcoal bar soap and so much more.

You can get the All He Loves Subscription Box here


Give him a Tool Chest

The Tool Chest is a monthly subscription box that is filled with tools and everything he needs for DIY projects, woodworking and more.

Tool DIY subscription box

Each month he will receive a subscription box filled with tools and all kinds of supplies.  Products included include those from top brands such as Dewalt, Ryobi, Husky, Watco and more.  Supplies include those from brands such as Minwax, Titebond, 3M and more.  

Past contents of the Tool Chest Subscription Box have included wood stain, hammer, spirit level, work gloves, Gorilla wood glue, nails, sander, saw, and so much more.

You can get the Tool Chest Subscription Box here


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Looking for a unique gift for Fathers Day that keeps on giving?  Then consider these subscription box ideas. There is a subscription box for every thing a Dad needs, and it is the perfect gift that keeps on giving throughout the year

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