Check out Answers to your Questions:

Can I use the photos that come with the templates?
All photos used are available for free on Canva, therefore yes you may use the photos for your own use. But you will probably want to replace the photos with your own.

Can I completely redesign the templates?
Yes you can change any aspect of the template to your own design and for your own needs. You can change anything – photos, colors, fonts etc.

I don’t use Canva, can I still use these templates?
These templates are designed for use in Canva, and are editable in Canva. Canva is a free design software that is extremely easy to use, especially for beginners and those with no graphic design experience. You can check out Canva here. You only need the free Canva software to edit and use these designs. You can upgrade to the Pro version if you want more features and photos, which is only a small charge per month.

Do the templates come in any other format apart from Canva?
At this time the templates are only available for use with Canva design software.

How do I edit the Templates?
Once you purchase the templates you will be sent an editable Canva file. You just need to log into Canva and pull up the template. You can then make all the edits you want to and save the file as your own.

What if I am having technical problems with the templates/Canva?
Canva is extremely easy to use, especially if you are a beginner and have no graphic design experience. If you have issues with these templates please email me at