Exactly how to use Pinterest to Explode your Blog Traffic

Pinterest is one major marketing source that you can use to completely explode your blog traffic, especially if you are a new blogger.

When I first started blogging a few years ago I didn’t know where to go to get traffic to my blog. But once I started using Pinterest my traffic literally started growing and growing.

When you first start a blog you hit publish and then you wait.  What usually happens is nothing.  Nobody is reading your blog.  You have put so much time and effort into your blog.  But nothing is happening.

You need to simply find where ‘your people’ are hanging out.  Social media is the best place to get readers. But which social media channel do you use?  Should you use Facebook? Twitter? Instagram?

No matter what niche you are blogging in, I would recommend focusing, hard, on Pinterest.

Pinterest enabled me to turn my new little unknown blog into a money-making blog. It got me readers and followers.  Now I have a successful blog, and I know it is all thanks to Pinterest.

But it is important that you use Pinterest the right way.  My tips below are researched, tried and tested methods of getting blog traffic from Pinterest.

Pinterest for blog traffic


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1.Have a great Bio Description

Your bio description is the main way that you tell pinners and readers what your blog is all about.  Use keywords in your bio description.  If your blog is about saving money for instance, make sure you fill your description with relevant keywords to that niche, such as: money, saving, dollars, save, budget (whatever relates to your niche).

This description by Organizing Moms is full of keywords that describe what her blog is about: Organizing, storage, decluttering etc.



2. Use a good photo of yourself and/or your Family

Pinners and readers like to see that somebody is real.  I noticed a significant increase in followers and traffic once I switched from a logo to a photo of me.  For some bloggers a logo works well, but for many a photo is just so much better.  Suzi from Start a Mom Blog has a great photo of herself with her kids, which draws people in:



3.Create many different pins for each post

One of the best things about Pinterest is that you can create as many pins as you want to.  If you aim to create at least 3 pins for every post you do, hopefully at least one of those pins is going to get noticed and take off.

It is sometimes hard to guess which pins and images are going to do better with pinners and readers. I have had some pins go viral that I wasn’t even happy with, but they were out there and they took off.  However many pins you create, just make sure they all have interesting titles that make readers want to click on them, use power words, and good quality photos.

Taking Start a Mom Blog again, the 3 pins below all relate to the same product, but they have at least 3 different pins promoting the same product:


4. Use Hashtags

Hashtags, in addition to your pin description, will get lots more eyes on your pins. For instance if you have a hashtag for #organizing anybody searching for organizing posts and information will search Pinterest with that term – which will lead them to your pin.  

Here, below, I typed in Chicken, and it brought up all these pins that mention chicken.   This is a broad term, and narrowing that down to perhaps #chickencurry would get you to what you need faster.



This post covers much more about Pinterest Hashtags.


5.Automate all your Pinning

This one was a huge game-changer for me. Nobody has time to sit and pin constantly throughout the day, every day. For a small fee each month, you can use Tailwind to schedule all your pinning. Success on Pinterest is down to constantly pinning.  You need to be constantly pinning to your boards throughout the day, every day.  Here you can get a free trial of Tailwind – try it and see if you like it for FREE!

Pinterest loves, and wants, fresh content.  Every time Tailwind schedules a pin it creates a new pin!

I really could not have grown my blogging business without using Tailwind.  It does so much of the work for me!

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite


6.Use Good High Quality Photo Stock

If your pin has a low quality really bad photo it will show, and readers just won’t click on it.

If you are not great at taking your own photos, use photo stock. There is both paid photo stock available, and lots of free photo stock sites.

If you are using free photo stock, just be sure to give credit to the photographer. Many free photo stock sites state that you do not need to give credit, but it is always a nice thing to do.

Of course, if you are making your own recipes and products, you will need to take your own photographs.  Invest in a great DSLR camera and take classes to learn how to use it properly. It is possible to take good photographs using just your iPhone, and there are many online tutorials showing you how to properly do this (including this one from Brit + Co)



7. Use good Attractive Colors

People are attracted to colors that are bright and cheerful, not drab and boring.  Reds and pinks do really well on pins. Use bright colors, and avoid dark and drab colors.

Remember white space is good too.




8. Make your Font Bigger

Larger fonts are easier for everyone to read, especially people viewing your pins on mobile phones.

If you do use cursive fonts, make sure they are readable cursive fonts. I have seen so many cursive fonts being used on pins where I cannot make out what word it is. You don’t want to make people have to work hard to find out what your pin is about.


9. Have the name of your Blog on every Pin you Make

That way you are always getting your blog name out there, and it will become known. Even to those people who are just scrolling through pins.

Your readers who follow you will also love to see new pins from you when they are published.

Blog traffic how to from Pinterest



10.  Use Keywords in your Board Names

There are a lot of pinners who use really cute names for their boards. Which looks fun and different I agree, but it really won’t help them when it comes to being found on Pinterest.

If you have a board about say chicken recipes, make it simple – Chicken Recipes. Then anyone searching for that on Pinterest will come across your board.

There is an easy way to see what people are searching for on Pinterest. You can then use those search terms in your board title.

Type in something that people might be looking for – such as  Chicken Curry in this example below:



underneath the search term, Pinterest pulls up a list of all terms relating to that search that people are searching for. So therefore, people are searching for not just Chicken Curry, but also Chicken Curry Recipes, Chicken Curry Crockpot, Chicken Curry Instant Pot, and Chicken Curry Salad. Therefore, you could have a general Chicken board, or a general Chicken Curry board. Or you could niche down more and have a board for Chicken Curry  Instant Pot recipes, Chicken Curry Salad recipes, or Chicken Curry Crockpot recipes.


11. Complete your Board Descriptions

Fill our your board descriptions with lots of keywords. That way people searching for something specific will come across your board through the description.

Your board title is very important, but so is your board description.

Pinterest also recommends boards to other pinners, but only if the board description is filled out.


12.Pin to the most Relevant Board First

The first time you pin a pin you have created yourself, pin it to the most relevant board first.

Pinterest figures out what a pin is about when it is a new pin. So if you pin to the most relevant board first, that tells Pinterest immediately what your pin is about.

If you have a pin about Cherry pie that you made yourself.  Don’t pin it to your Best of (blog name) board first.  Pin it to your Pies & Desserts board, or a Pies board.


13. Use Tailwind Tribes

Tailwind tribes are a wonderful way to get your pins pinned and out there.  When you sign up for Tailwind, you automatically get access to Tailwind Tribes.

Just search for the tribes that are most relevant to what you pin/blog about. For instance if you blog about knitting there are numerous tribes relating to knitting.

Tailwind tribes really are a good way to help out other bloggers with their pins, and they will likewise share your pins.

Get a free trial of Tailwind here!


14. Check your Pinterest Boards regularly

Regularly check your Pinterest boards to see how things are looking. If you have numerous pins of the same pin, make sure they are spaced out.

Make sure you are not pinning too many copies of your own pin to boards.

See if a pin is doing well, or not well.

For pins that are not doing well, consider making new pins.

Pinterest really can rapidly expand your blog traffic. Especially if you are a new blogger and searching for traffic, consider the mighty power of Pinterest.




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