Emergency Life Planner/What If Planner (Editable & Printable)


Do you have a good grasp on every aspect of your life? Do you know all your valuable account numbers, passwords and codes?

Do you have all your medical information (and your family’s too) recorded in case it is needed? Do you have all your insurance information, loans information, bank information, valuables, household information & more recorded in one central place?

The Emergency Life Planner/What If Planner will keep every part of your life recorded and saved, so you always have it when you need it.

This planner is fully editable. You can edit it on your computer and save the information securely. You can also print it off and complete it that way if you wish – 2 versions of the planner are sent to you.

See inside the planner here!

This is a digital download – no physical product will be sent. As soon as you purchase this planner you will get an immediate download.

PDF digital file of editable Emergency planner
PDF digital file of printable Emergency Planner