How to Eliminate Countertop Clutter

How to eliminate countertop clutter fast and easily! Tips to completely eliminate clutter on your kitchen countertops! 

Messy countertops are the biggest cause of kitchen untidiness and clutter.  You may have messy cabinets and cupboards, but you can’t see what is in there!

What is on your kitchen countertops is immediately displayed prominently, to you and anyone who visits your home.



What Should be on your Kitchen Countertops?

Your kitchen countertops should be reserved for the items that you use daily.  For most families that would cover items such as a kettle, coffee maker, storage caddies, bread bin, and everyday items such as small appliances and utensils.

They are usually all the items that you would use to make and prepare meals, snacks and refreshments each day.

Larger kitchen items, such as mixers, pasta making machines, blenders etc, if they are not used daily, should ideally be stored elsewhere.


Kitchen countertop clutter


How to Determine what should be on your Kitchen Countertops

Take a look at everything you have on your countertops right now.  What do you see on there? Do you see the items that you use daily, but also other things, such as that enormous mixer that you probably have used twice this year?  Take stock of everything on your countertops right now.

Now go through your daily routine. What items that are on your countertops are in use daily?  Probably your electric kettle, your coffee maker, the bread bin, those cannisters, the knife rack full of knives?

Make a list of what should stay and remain on your countertops, and a list of what should go elsewhere.

Remember that you and your family are the ones using your kitchen.  Therefore whatever is there has to work for your particular family and home.






The Exact Method of Decluttering your Kitchen Countertops

Once you have determined what you do, and don’t use, on a daily basis. You are going to remove absolutely everything from your countertops. Yes everything! Take everything off and put it in another area such as your kitchen table.

Now your countertops are free of everything, give them a really good clean. Give them a deep clean, according to the manufacturers recommendations and instructions for the type of countertop that you have.  You want your countertops to be so clean they sparkle!

Now you have those wonderful clean countertops, you need to start putting things back on them.

Put back all the items that you know you use daily and will need.  Only put those items back on there.  You may have a lot of other stuff, and you are concerned about where that other stuff will go (and that is probably why it was on your counters in the first place), but you need to be strong and not put that stuff back.


Where to put the things you removed from your Countertops

For everything else that came off your countertops, that you deemed was not necessary at all for daily use, it needs a new home – or it needs to be trashed or donated.

Go through all those things that once lived on your countertops.  That cookie jar has never been used, and it even has an unattractive chip in it – so put it in the trash.  That fruit bowl is nice, but you never use a fruit bowl (you keep all your fruit in the fridge), so perhaps you can donate it?  You get the idea – you are either keeping, trashing or donating.

For the things that you will still be keeping, they need another home.

Kitchen appliances, such as mixers, pasta makers, etc, that are only used occasionally every month or even year, put them away somewhere else. You could store these items in your pantry, in your laundry room, garage, or other storage area.  That way they are not taking up valuable space in your kitchen, but you know where they are when you need to use them.

If you need certain items close by, but you don’t have a lot of cupboard and closet space, consider getting those items off your countertops and onto shelves or hanging storage units.  IKEA sells a railing unit that works perfectly for hanging things on your kitchen walls, that make those items easily accessible – but off your counters.







Countertop Problem Areas

You may have several areas on your countertops that are problem areas.

Do you keep all your mail and paperwork on one part of your kitchen counter?  It may be easy for you to access, and know that something is there, but it is taking up valuable space.  Consider putting that paperwork somewhere else instead, and free up that space.

Is the area around your sink messy?  You should really only have your dish detergent, hand soap, and sponges around your kitchen sink.  Invest in nice storage bottles to store dish detergent, soap etc, if you don’t want to use the generic brands bought from most grocery stores.  Or hide those things under your sink. A neat sink area is not only easier to use, it will also look so much better.

Is the countertop around your stove full of utensils that you use for cooking? Consider getting a utensil holder, to keep all those utensils close by for cooking.

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One of the biggest impacts you can make on getting your kitchen clean, organized and clutter free is cleaning off and decluttering your kitchen countertops.






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  1. July 15, 2019 / 6:10 pm

    Hi, I read through your post. Would you be willing to answer something for me though? What are your thoughts on granite for a kitchen remodel? I’m planning on doing a remodel later this year but I don’t want to spend too much money. Eagerly awaiting your reply.

    • Tiffan
      July 16, 2019 / 6:52 pm

      Hello Lynn:
      I am not an expert on kitchen counter tops by any means. I have granite countertops in my own home, and I do like them.
      But they are prone to chipping I have to say. But they are easy to clean and look good. I would do some searching on Pinterest for kitchen countertop choices, and do some research from there. There are so many resources out there on Pinterest. Hope it all goes well!