DIY Picnic Blankets to make your Summer more Amazing!

DIY your own Stylish & Pretty Picnic Blanket to make your summer picnics even more awesome!

One of the most wonderful things about the warm weather and the summer is the fact that we can do so much more outside.

One of the best outside things to do is have a picnic! There is something so basic yet so special about an outside picnic.

You can laze around and talk with friends and family, eat and drink great things, and enjoy being outdoors and the nice weather with a picnic!

A picnic blanket is a crucial piece of kit for a picnic! You need to be able to spread out somewhere with your food and drink, and be comfortable too!

Don’t run out and buy a picnic blanket when they are so so easy to make and DIY yourself!

Picnic blankets are incredibly easy to make yourself, and you can have so much fun making them too!

Here are 12 picnic blankets that you can completely DIY yourself! Some of these are even no sew too!

12 Picnic Blankets to DIY yourself for a more Beautiful Summer!

Matisse Picnic Blanket

Black and white picnic blanketPhoto Credit: Craftifair

I love this picnic blanket! It looks so amazing – full of character and style.  It will really stand out on a picnic, and you will just love having this blanket around!

This blanket is painted with textile paint, so it is also incredibly fun to do while you are creating an amazing blanket!

You also don’t have to go with black paint! You can go with any color you absolutely want to for your own picnic blanket!  See the DIY how to for the DIY Matisse Inspired Picnic Blanket here!

No Sew Pom Pom Picnic Blankets

Colored pom pom trim blanketsPhoto Credit: The Sweetest Occasion

These picnic blankets look so much fun!  They are bright and colorful and the little pom poms just add a fun twist to them!

They are also incredibly easy to make – yes they are no sew! You just glue the trim onto the blankets and away you go with your awesome stylish and fun picnic blanket!

You can see the DIY here for making the DIY No Sew Pom Pom Picnic Blankets!

Mudcloth Picnic Blanket

Blue and white mudcloth picnic blanket set up for a picnic by the river.Photo Credit: Brit & Co

Mudcloth is a lovely stylish design for anything, and works really well for a picnic blanket!

This DIY uses a Clorox Bleach pen (you could also use this less expensive one)! That way you can just bleach the areas on fabric that you want to – not the entire thing!  You can see the DIY here to make this Mudcloth Picnic Blanket.

Dyed Watermelon Picnic Blanket

2 women holding up a watermelon designed picnic blanket by a tree.Photo credit: The House That Lars Built

This DIY takes a white tablecloth, some fabric dye and paint and pom pom trim and turns it into the prettiest and stylish picnic blanket! You can see the DIY instructions here to make this Dyed Watermelon Picnic Blanket!

4th of July Picnic Blanket

Picnic blanket for 4th of July with red and blue stars.Photo Credit: Design Improvised

This blanket is all ready for your 4th of July celebrations! But to be honest you could use this picnic blanket anytime whatsoever!

This uses a painter’s drop cloth, and then it is painted with fabric paint. SO EASY! and yet so effective! You can see the instructions here for this DIY 4th of July Picnic Blanket.

Crochet Gingham Picnic Blanket

Blue and white checked gingham crochet blanket.Photo credit: Daisy Farm Crafts

If you want to try your hand at making something that will take a little longer, but create something so beautiful – try making this crochet gingham picnic blanket.

This crochet project will take you some time, but if you love to crochet, and want to make something worthwhile that is unique and will last you for years and years –  this is the DIY for you!

No Sew Picnic Blanket

Green blanket.Photo credit: A Pretty Life in the Suburbs

Here is another No Sew Picnic Blanket for you to make!  This can be made in less than an hour, and also for less than $20!

You can also use this piece as a tablecloth also.  It doubles up as both to make it so incredibly worthwhile and convenient to make.  See here for how to make this DIY Now Sew Picnic Blanket and/or Tablecloth.

Spotted Picnic Blanket

White picnic blanket with blue spots all around, set up for a picnic outside on the grass.Photo Credit: Proper

This spotted picnic blanket is actually titled the Spotted Picnic Blanket to Rule them All! Lol I love the way Proper titles their DIY posts!

Once again this DIY is using fabric paint, which is applied with a sponge applicator. So easy and fun to do.  See the Instructions here for this DIY Spotted Picnic Blanket.

Moroccan Picnic Blanket

Black and white Moroccan print picnic blanket outside on the grass.Photo credit: We Love Handmade

This is another trendy picnic blanket, this one with a Moroccan style to it.  This picnic blanket was inspired by Moroccan Beni Ourain carpets that are found in the most stylish living rooms! You can see the instructions here to DIY this Moroccan inspired picnic blanket.

Batik Picnic Blanket

Pink, blue and white Batik dyed picnic blanket.Photo Credit: Effortless Style

This DIY Batik Picnic Blanket is described as effortless. It uses fabric paint with rubber bands, to create the amazing pattern on this blanket.

What’s great about this is that everyone’s blanket will be unique – no two could possibly ever be the same!  See the instructions here to make this DIY Batik Picnic Blanket.

Stenciled Picnic Blanket

White picnic blanket with yellow stencil design set up outside.Photo credit: Simple Nature Decor Blog

This DIY again uses a painter’s drop cloth to create this amazing picnic blanket.  The stencils are used with fabric paint to create a pretty design. See the DIY here for the Stenciled Picnic Blanket.

Geometric Picnic Blanket

Photo Credit: StudioDIY

This Geometric Picnic blanket uses a drop cloth and then fabric paint to create a stylish geometric pattern. See the DIY here to make this Geometric Picnic Blanket.

Don’t forget to get your Printable Summer Bucket List! So you can plan out everything you want to do this summer!

DIY your own Stylish & Pretty Picnic Blanket to make your summer picnics even more awesome!


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