DIY Clay Rainbow Magnets

This DIY is an easy fun project to make pretty clay rainbow magnets! Decorate your fridge or notice board with beautiful rainbows!


One of the most fun DIYs to do is to use polymer modeling clay! Remember as a kid how much you used to love rolling out modeling clay, (or plasticine as we had and called it in England)?!  Making those sausage shapes with the clay was so much fun and you could do it for hours!

Well this is a grown up DIY project using modeling clay!  Perfect for stress relief and taking your mind off things.  With this DIY project you get to roll out clay sausages once again, for as long as you want to!

I love the look of magnets that match in some way, rather than lots of individual magnets that are not related in any way. 

These clay rainbow magnets all match each other in some way. When making rainbows you can select pretty much any colors that you want to use. As I wanted to make more earth-toned magnets, I went for different shades of brown, and then also black, grey and white colors.

I wanted more modern colored rainbows. But pretty multi-colored rainbows would look great too!

This is also a really fun kids craft project.  They may need a little help with the super glue (so they don’t stick their fingers together!), and with placing them in the oven, but the rest of this DIY project is suitable for younger children.




Clay rainbow magnets

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Supplies Needed for the Clay Rainbow Magnets

Polymer Clay

Neodymium Magnets

Super glue

Craft knife, or non-sharp knife

How to make the Clay Rainbow Magnets

Start out by choosing the colors of clay that you want to have in your magnets.  Each magnet uses 4 different colors/shades of polymer clay.

For the magnets I made I had 3 different shades of brown and black, for the black/brown rainbow magnet. I used 2 different shades of grey, and then a black, and a white, for the black, grey and white magnets.

I had 4 color selections of the clay, that all complimented each other.  You could probably go to 5 colors if you wanted, but much more than that your magnet would be too clunky and large.

Step One

Taking the 4 colors that you will use for your rainbow, roll the polymer clay in your hands to form it into ball shapes. This will warm the clay and make it more manageable.  

Make sure that all your balls are roughly the same size and shape.

The balls of clay below are the colors used for my brown/black rainbow magnets.


Step Two

Here comes the fun part! Roll out each ball, using the palm of your hand, onto a flat surface, into a sausage shape.  

As you roll each one try to make sure that they are all roughly the same width.  The length doesn’t matter, as you are going to be trimming the length later.

Once you have your four sausage shapes rolled out, organize them by the colors that you want the rainbow to appear in.  I organized mine by the darkest color at the outside, going in to the lightest color in the middle. 

Step Three

Place all four sausage shapes together in the order you want, then very gently press each sausage shape together.  

Be careful doing this part, as you don’t want to make them too out of shape, but they need to stick to each other. If they don’t stick to each other properly here, they will separate once they have been baked and hardened. As you can see, mine needed quite a bit of trimming!


Press out any irregularities in the clay, including any lines or cracks that may form. You can see the type of lines I am referring to in the white piece of clay above. 

Once all the pieces of the rainbow are adhered together, twist all four sausage strips into a rainbow shape.  

Once you have the rainbow shape that you like, decide on how large you want your magnet to be. You are going to trim all the pieces in the next step according to the size of magnet that you want.

Step Four

Trim off the ends of the clay, so that they are all even and neat, with a craft knife.  Do this according to how large you want your rainbow to be.



Once again, press out any cracks or lines in the clay to neaten it up once you have trimmed it. It should be quite easy to do this by just pressing lightly with your fingertips.

Step Five

You will now need to harden your clay.  Do this according to the instructions given with the polymer clay you purchased. Try not to over-bake or burn the clay in the oven.

Step Six

Allow the clay rainbows to cool completely once they have left the oven and have hardened.

Add a small amount of glue to what will be the back of the rainbow.  Either use a glue with a built-in brush applicator, or apply carefully with a nozzle. 

Place the magnet on the top of where you have glued. Hold the magnet down with your finger for about 45 seconds or so to make sure that it has attached itself firmly.

Allow the glue to dry for a little while on the rainbow clay pieces, so that the magnets are firmly and permanently attached.

Once the glue on the magnets is dry (this shouldn’t take too long if you are using a super glue), your magnets are ready to be placed where you think they will look great and pretty!


Have fun making these easy DIY clay rainbow magnets!  



This DIY is an easy fun project to make clay rainbow magnets! Decorate your fridge or notice board with beautiful rainbows!

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