DIY Christmas Advent Calendar

  This Christmas Advent Calendar is so easy and fun to make, and you can use it year after year!

The build up to Christmas Day is always so much more exciting when you count down the days. There is no better way to count down the days than by using an Advent Calendar.

There are so many wonderful advent calendars that you can buy. But if you want a great Christmas DIY and craft project, and you want to make something more unique, then try this DIY!

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This advent calendar uses just a few supplies, that are all readily and easily available.

You can choose to put whatever you absolutely want to put inside each envelope (here are some ideas here!).  

You can also design each envelope exactly how you want to. Either by using craft paper, wrapping paper, washi tape, sequins or more. This is your project to put your personal stamp on!


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Supplies Needed for the Advent Calendar

Large piece of poster board, foam board, or cardboard

Washi tape – various Christmas type themes or designs of your choice

Small Christmas tree ornaments (such as these ones)

Number Stickers (such as these ones and these ones)

String (such as this type)

Wooden Clothespins

Manila Money/Coin Envelopes

Tape – masking tape/Painter’s tape and strong packing tape


A Note About the Board used in the Project

You can really use any type of board, poster board, cardboard or foam board for this project.  

I used a white foam board, but you could choose a color such as red or green, that are very “Christmassy” colors, or even gold or silver.

A sturdier board is better for propping up on a surface or table top.  You could also mount the board to a wall if you wanted to (command hooks could be used for this).


Directions for Making the Advent Calendar


Step One

Prepare the board or cardboard that you will be using for the Advent Calendar. 

If you have bought poster board or foam board, it should be good to go and use immediately.  

Whatever board/cardboard that you use, just make sure there are no stains or visible dirt on the board.


Step Two

Cut off lengths of string to mount onto the board.  Cut off enough string for each piece to allow you to attach the string at the back of the board, and allow enough ‘give’ for the envelopes to be pinned to it at the front.

I used 4 lines of string, therefore 4 lengths of string.  Depending on the size of board that you use, you may want less or more lines of strings to hang the envelopes on.

Place the string on the front of the board in the place where you want it to hang. Then turn the board over, and with the ends of the string that have wrapped to the back, tape them securely to the back of the board.

Note: For this step, I used some masking tape first. Then if you need to move the string around slightly, it is not stuck down permanently.

Once you definitely have your string positioned correctly, you can tape with a more heavy-duty permanent tape, such as packing tape.

As you are placing the string, bear in mind where you would like the mini Christmas ornaments to hang. Thread them onto the string in place, before you attach the string finally.


DIY Christmas Advent Calendar #Christmas #Holidays #DIY #AdventCalendar



Step Three: Prepare & Decorate the Envelopes

Taking all 24 envelopes that you will need for this project, decorate each one individually.

You can decorate the envelopes any way you want to. Using Washi tape, craft paper, felt, sequins, markers, paint – absolutely anything you want to use.

Once each envelope has been decorated, place a sticker for each day from 1-24 on the envelopes.


DIY Christmas Advent Calendar #Christmas #Holidays #DIY #AdventCalendar


Step Four: Place Gifts/Treats Inside the Envelopes

Whatever gifts/treats that you are placing inside the envelopes, place them inside now, before you hang and attach the envelopes to the string on the board.

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Step Five: Clip the Envelopes to the String

Attach each envelope using a clothespin to the string.  

I attached about 6 envelopes to each piece of string.  Depending on the size and width of board you use, you may want to place less or more.

You could either place the envelopes in order – so they are in absolute order running from 1 to 24. Or you could mix them up, so the recipients have to search for the appropriate day/number.  This is what a lot of advent calendars do, and what I chose to do.


Step Six: Finish off the Board

You can decorate the finished board also in any way that you want to.  

I placed Washi tape on the top and bottom of the board. Other ideas for decorations are stickers.  Stars stickers would make wonderful decorations scattered around the board for instance. Remember this is your unique project!


DIY Christmas Advent Calendar #Christmas #Holidays #DIY #AdventCalendar



You should be able to use this Advent Calendar for many years.  The packs of money/coin envelopes come in packs of around 100 or 50 envelopes usually. So if any of the envelopes are damaged in the glee of being opened, you can make more for other years!


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This Christmas Advent Calendar is so easy and fun to make, and you can use it year after year!







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