Why Decluttering is so good for your Mental Health

Decluttering can help rid your life of some of the chaos and untidiness, and is so good for your mental health.

If on a daily basis you are feeling unhappy, rushed, edgy, unproductive and overwhelmed, you might want to attempt some decluttering.  Decluttering has been proven to aid mental health and help with anxiety and feelings of overwhelm that you might have going on in your life right now.

Of course clutter may not be the only thing making you feel anxious, unhappy and overwhelmed in your life, but decluttering can definitely help with other factors that are going on in your life, and help to make you more clear headed and in control.

If your home is particularly cluttered right now, take a look around you. What do you feel looking at the clutter and stuff all piled up in your home? Does it make you feel anxious and frustrated?  Does it just add to the stress of other things in your life right now?  If that clutter is really making you feel all those things and more, it might be time for a good home declutter to clear your mind and make you see things more clearly.




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Why you Should Declutter Your Home

Feel more Peaceful

By decluttering your home and space you will be able to look at an environment that is more organized and put together.  Everything will be in its place and easy to find.  If your house is particularly cluttered have you felt shameful and guilty about letting other people see it?  Getting rid of the clutter, and therefore the guilt that comes with that, will lead you to feel and think more peacefully.

Reduce Stress

Clutter just adds stress – stress of having to deal with the clutter, seeing the clutter, and having others see the clutter.  If your home is particularly cluttered you will spend more time looking for things, and more time trying to sort out the clutter. That isn’t helping your stress at all.

Save Time

How many times have you not been able to find your keys, or something you need quickly among all the clutter?  Have you lost things that you have to hunt down? All that takes time – time away from doing things that you would much rather be doing.

Get rid of Negativity

Having so much stuff around, and worrying about having that stuff around, is just creating negative feelings.  By undertaking the act of decluttering you are banishing those negative feelings, and making way for more positive feelings of accomplishment and calm.

Feel Lighter

Getting rid of clutter, and having a tidier more organized home will make you feel lighter – not just mentally, but also physically.

Have a Better Quality of Life

Are you hanging on to certain things in your home because you just can’t bring yourself to get rid of them? Ask yourself why you are holding on to certain things.  You may be holding on to something due to grief or security, but perhaps letting those things go with lead to more security and comfort, rather than having constant reminders of something.


Organize It Kitchen Organization 

How to Declutter Your Home

The first rule of decluttering is that it doesn’t have to be done all at once. You can set aside time every week, every month or even every day to do some part of decluttering.  You can start with one shelf, one closet, one room.  Start small and build up from there.  Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to do it all at once, or within a short period of time.

Sometimes it helps to set a timer when starting a project.  Set the timer for a certain period of time – 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes – whatever you have time for and can manage.  In that time period do as much as you can.


Small Decluttering Projects to Start Now

Drawers.  Drawers are places where clutter just seems to build and build.  Consider starting with drawers in your home.  Do you have a general catch-all junk drawer? Go through that drawer and toss anything that you no longer need, anything broken and anything worthless.  There is nothing like having a clean organized drawer for instilling a sense of peace and organization.  Kitchen drawers get especially cluttered, as do our bedroom dresser drawers.  Start by taking one drawer at a time and go through everything in the drawer. For all the things you will keep in the drawer going forward, invest in drawer organizers or some kind of organizing method to make sure everything stays organized going forward.


Closets/Cupbards.  Who doesn’t have a closet in their home that has got a little out of control?!  Culprits for unorganized closets and cupboards are linen closets, pantries, toy closets, clothes closets and more.  Take one closet at a time and re-organize it. Throw out anything you don’t want, don’t need or which doesn’t fit anymore. Only keep what you need and will use going forward.  Consider donating surplus clothes and items that you no longer want. Recycle what you can, and throw out anything broken. Use items to help keep the closets organized – install shelves and purchase baskets, boxes and anything else that can help tame your closets. That way they will stay organized.


Start small and work slowly with decluttering projects. You don’t want to add more overwhelm to your life by adding the additional stress of having to get something done fast.  Set a task, such as organizing your kitchen junk drawer. Decide on a date that you would like to have it finished – for instance by the end of the weekend, in two weeks time, in a month’s time, then set about doing it.  If you need to buy supplies to help with the project order them in advance, or as you go along with the project.


Decluttering is great for your mental health – you feel more energized, calm, peaceful and focused afterwards.  


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