Declutter your Email Inbox

If you are decluttering your home, don’t forget to declutter all your electronics too!  One of the biggest clutter issues in your life is probably your email inbox. 


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Is your email inbox full of junk and spam emails?  Do you miss important emails because they just get lost among all the other emails you receive?

An organized and empty email inbox will make you feel so much better about staying on top of things. It will make you more organized in your life, and you can get a handle and control of things in your life much better.

But I am sure you hate the idea of organizing your email inbox, and deleting unwanted emails.  I am sure you would much rather spend your time doing something more fun!

But by dedicating a little bit of time to this important task,  you will actually gain time.  Because you won’t waste time going through emails that you really don’t want. You won’t waste time deleting emails, and you won’t waste time reading emails that are just taking away your precious time.


Unsubscribe to Pretty Much Everything

In order to really get control of your email inbox, you have to be ruthless with unsubscribing from pretty much everything.  

Yes that means those emails from that department store that you regularly shop in. It means all those emails from Amazon about shipments going out and orders you just placed. It means everything.

Because if you even keep one or two email notifications from a certain store etc, it will be two more emails you have to delete. Those emails will so quickly build up.

Of course there are exceptions to this. You should be seeing all emails relating to your kids school and activities, and important emails from your bank etc.


Set up Dedicated Email Folders

If you just let your read emails lay around in your inbox, they are going to clog up all your inbox, and you are just going to see hundreds of emails sitting there every time you go in to check your email.

You will lose important emails among all the hundreds sitting there.  You won’t know what has to be dealt with and what doesn’t, and all those emails will just look so overwhelming.

But if you set up dedicated folders for all the various topics and categories that you are likely to receive emails for, you can easily find them again, and organize them.

If you get emails from your son’s school for instance that you need to keep for reference, create a folder called “Johnny school” or “School Communications.”

You can set up folders for certain family members, folders for work related emails, folders for orders you have placed etc.


Try to Clean up Emails Every Day

It can be so time consuming to sit down and do a massive clean-up of your email inbox. But if you do it little by little it will be so much more manageable.

Doing some clean up every day to your email inbox is also a great way to do maintenance on your inbox, even if you have done a massive clean-up.

There are always going to be emails that slip into your inbox, even though you unsubscribed to them. There are always going to be unsolicited emails slipping into your inbox. There will always be emails you need to file and organize into folders.

Every time, and each day, that you check your email, try to fit in a few maintenance tasks. Go in and unsubscribe to that email about life insurance that you received unsolicited.  Go in and put all those emails that came in about that school trip straight into the folder you created for school related emails.


Create Instant Filing Folders

Many email service providers will let you set notifications and tags to certain emails that you receive. That way you can arrange for a certain email type to go straight into a folder that you have created.

For instance, if you can tag every email that mentions your child’s school, it can go straight into a folder you create for that topic.

Every email that comes in from then on from your son’s school will go into that folder, and you know where to check for those emails, and you can immediately keep everything together.


Use Different Email Providers for Different Needs

This is a trick that many people use to get control of, and stay on top of, the emails they receive.

If you have an email address that you regularly use for everything, you can set up an email with another service provider to use just for a certain emails.

For instance, you can create a free GMail account and give this email out every time you place an order online. That way you are not flooding your regular email inbox with all those emails about orders being placed, items being shipped etc.  You are keeping all those emails separate and out of, and not clogging up, your main email service.


When you are decluttering your home, don’t forget your email inbox too! Getting, and keeping, control of your email inbox means that you can be far more organized and on top of all the things you have to manage in your busy life.  


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