Create an Organized Entrance Hallway in your Home

Your home’s entrance is the first place you see when you enter your home, and the last place you see when you leave your home. It is also the first place that any guests to your home see.


Your home’s entrance needs to really work for you and your family. It needs to be a space that you find the things you need the most often, and stores those things neatly and visibly.

In your entrance hallway you probably store your house keys, car keys, eye glasses, coats and jackets, shoes and boots, umbrellas, bags, school backpacks and more?

You may have a hanging coat rack, or a closet to keep your coats and jackets in or on?  You may have a table or stand just inside your front door?

Whatever you use your entrance hallway for, and whatever you have in that area, it is such an important area that it really needs to be organized and designed to work the best it can for you and your family.


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Assess your Entrance Hallway

Before you do anything else, assess your entrance hallway.  How does it currently work for you? Is it messy and untidy? It is hard to find what you need here?

Do you spend so much time trying to find things in that area that you really need to use?  Does your trip out of the door in the morning take twice as long because you cannot locate your keys or your glasses?

Think about how this space works for you, and how it can work better for you.


The Entrance Table

A table placed by your home entrance can store, and keep handy, things that you need to use and grab quickly.

Set up a key dish or bowl on this table, and place your car and house keys here. When you arrive back in your home if you place your keys here, they will be easily found when they are needed the next time.

Store and sort your incoming mail on this table.  As you collect the mail from your mailbox, or your doormat, place it on this table.  

To really stay on top of your mail, sort it as it arrives. If you keep a recycling bin next to this table, you can automatically throw in magazines and junk mail that you don’t want.  A trash can placed here can also help you throw out envelopes and papers that you don’t need.  

For the mail that you need to keep, you could set up an ‘in-tray’ here to keep that mail together, to be dealt with later.  Mail such as bills can be stored here to be easily found.

Keep your sunglasses and eyeglasses here on this table. That way you can grab your sunglasses as you run out the door, and place them back there when you return.

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The Coat Rack or Closet

You may have a coat rack hanging on you way in your entrance hallway, or you may hang your coats and jackets in a closet.

Either way, how does that work for you?

Are there so many coats and jackets there so you have to hunt for what you need every day? Do you have coats and jackets for every season stored in that same closet?

If you have a small closet, go through all your coats and jackets and only keep items for the current season in there for now. Other out of season coats and jackets can be placed elsewhere, such as your bedroom closet.

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All Those Shoes!

Do you have shoes absolutely everywhere around your home’s entrance?  

Do your kids throw off their shoes and just leave them there where they fall when they return home from school?

You need to do something about your home’s shoe problem! See my post here for tips and suggestions!




Buy Products that Work for You

Source and buy products that will work well for keeping this area of your home organized and tidy,

As mentioned previously, recycling cans and trash cans placed by your home’s entrance can help you sort your incoming mail (you can get attractive looking cans to use for this).

Buy trays and sorters for your entrance table.  Keep mail sorted and ready to be processed.

Buy good doormats to take care of dirty shoes when you enter your home, and boot trays for wet and dirty boots and shoes.

Buy good hangers for your coat closet. For your coats and jackets you need heavy-duty hangers. Having hangers that are all the same will also make your closet look better.

Buy shoe holders for your coat closet, or shoe holders that will sit just inside your door, that will keep your shoes handy, organized and clean.


An organized entrance hallway will make your life easier and simpler, and will look so much better to those visiting your home!











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