5 of the Best Subscription Boxes for Women

Subscription boxes feature a great selection of themed products that are delivered straight to your door.   They can not only be a little treat for yourself, they can also introduce you to products that you otherwise wouldn’t have known about or tried. Here are 5 of the best subscription boxes there are for women right now!


I first discovered subscription boxes around 10 years ago, when I started out with a monthly clothing subscription box. Since then there are so many subscription boxes that have come onto the market, and they just keep on getting better!

There is a subscription box for just about everyone and everything, on so many themes.  Most of the boxes that are especially for women consist mainly of beauty, fashion, and self care products, but they do also venture out into other themes such as date night, therapeutic products, arts and crafts, planners and more!

Here are 5 of the best subscription boxes that I have come across, and personally use.  These boxes are all great value for money, contain great contents, and have fabulous customer service too!


5 of the best Subscription boxes for women


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Fab Fit Fun is a quarterly women’s lifestyle subscription box.  I have personally been subscribing to this box for over four years now, and it has never ever disappointed me!

There are 4 boxes per year – the winter box, the spring box, the summer box, and the fall box. Each box comes with full sized beauty products, wellness items, fitness gear, and home goods.

There are 2 subscription options for Fab Fit Fun. Either a quarterly subscription, where you pay every time for your box. Or there is an annual subscription option, which is one set price for an entire year of boxes.  If you are an annual subscriber you get a chance to choose your own item choices before each box (or you can let it be a surprise!). The Annual subscription makes the total cost also much cheaper than paying per box.


The Fab Fit Fun subscription box is incredible value for money. The cost per month/per box, comes out at about $50 or so (less with an annual subscription), but the contents inside add up to probably at least twice that. It is also a great way to try new products – and the products are not small tester sizes – they are all full sized products.  There are so many choices in these boxes that I actually give some of the contents as gifts to others.

I have received so many truly great items in Fab Fit Fun boxes.  Among my favorite items I have received from the past few years include a set of silicone straws, a pretty 12 month planner, travel yoga mat, cheese board, hair towel wrap, aromatherapy diffuser, S’ip by Swell bottle, floral robe, teapot, and beach towel.  Then there were also my favorite beauty products, which included a Thrive eye brightener pen, essential oils, Tarte to go makeup palette, Aveda daily hair repair, and so many more.


My latest box had a wide variety of items. Some of these items I was able to select myself from choices given, as I do have an annual subscription.  In this latest box I received:

Wireless charging pad (worth $35)
Face sunscreen lotion (worth $36)
Issac Mizrahi Vase (worth $28)
Menthol foot cream (worth $24)
Cooler Bag (worth $59)
Silk pillowcase (worth $29)
Winky Lux eyebrow pencil (worth $16)
Coconut Verbena hand cream (worth $18)


Click here to go to Fab Fit Fun and check out what they have to offer with subscription options. You can also view what was in past boxes if you really want to be sure that this box subscription is for you. You can even purchase one box to send to somebody special as a gift!!




Therabox is a great monthly self care subscription box.  Each box contains a therapeutic activity, and 6 to 8 self care wellness goodies (aromatherapy, body and skincare products and more).



Recent Therabox boxes have included items such as a journals, challenges, sleep mask, aromatherapy oils, bath salts, beauty treatments, vision board and so much more.


This isn’t just any old box put together by a marketing team. This box is thoughtfully curated by a practicing therapist. Thought and care goes into the contents of this box, to give you the best experience.This box is all about taking care of your own physical and mental health – and as women we tend to put others before we do that for ourselves.  The first treat of this box comes when it arrives and you get to open it and look inside! But you wont be disappointed at all by the contents.


Go to this link to sign up for a subscription to Therabox.





If you are one of those people who loves stationery and planners, especially new stationery and planners (hands up!), this is a great monthly subscription box for you!

Cloth and Paper features Luxe organization, planner stationery, and stylish pens – for sophisticated paper and planner lovers! There are 3 types of subscriptions to choose from – Penspiration, Planner Stationery, and a combined Penspiration and Planner Stationery box.

With the Penspiration subscription you will receive a variety of 4-6 pens and pencils every month.  These can vary from gel, rollerpoint, ballpoint, brush pens, mechanical, wood and more.  The Planner Stationery Cloth and Paper box will send you 6-8 items monthly, that consist of a variety of things, such as notebooks, notepads, sticky notes, postcards, journals, notecards and envelopes, and so much more.



This is a really lovely curated box of stationery items. If you love stationery items you know how special it is to get a fresh new journal – and all the opportunities that offers. If you love pens you know how much you are always on the look-out for that perfect new pen.  This box will surprise you, and give you products that you may not have known existed otherwise.


Go to this link here to subscribe to this great box of treats!



Night in Boxes are a fantastic concept. They cover boxes especially for nights in for kids and adults. The box they do that I really really love is their Date Night in a Box! This post is about subscription boxes for women, but really these date night in a box are so much fun, and it means you get a little break too!

How often have you planned a date night with your significant other, and then just ended up sitting on the sofa watching Netflix?  Especially if you don’t get date nights on a regular basis, you want to do something fun and memorable during your date night!

Date Night in a Box is a complete experience in a box!  You sign up for a monthly subscription, and every month they send you a different themed box.  Past boxes for example have included a Roaring Good time box, which transports you back to the 1920s and features fun and mystery reminiscent of the roaring twenties!  Another box was Chill to the Max – a special box that takes you back to your 1980s and 1990s glory days – with DIY freeze pops, throwback trivia, games and more!  Dinner and Dancing Awaits let you learn how to dance in the privacy of your own home, with the ingredients for a pizza dinner supplied.  Build & Strengthen as a Couple was about embarking on an adventure that is straight out of HGTV!  


This really is a fun experience in a box!  If you feel guilty about treating yourself to a subscription box, you shouldn’t feel guilty about splashing out for Date Night in a Box! It really is a fun experience that you can both enjoy.  The boxes are really carefully curated and put together, so there are a lot of fun choices inside. Another great thing about the boxes is that add-ons are available to enhance the experience!


Just go to Night in Boxes at this link here.  Sign up for the plan you are most comfortable with – either pay for a box monthly, quarterly, for six months, or annually.




The Sweet Escape Box is a little pampering fun box that is designed to help you unwind, relax and experience!  Every shipment contains assorted spa products, including 5-6 hand crafted bath products, comforting teas, and a relaxing novel.

There are different size/types of the Sweet Escape Box to choose from, including mini and deluxe.  All the body and bath products are made with natural ingredients, not tested on animals, and the best for your skin.  

The Sweet Escape Box is ideal for a pampering and relaxing evening in! Have a nice bath, read a good book, relax and take care of yourself!

The box would also make the perfect gift for somebody special too!


The Sweet Escape Box really is the ultimate pampering experience. Yes you could go out and buy your own bath and body products, but it is much nicer to have them selected for you.  

Plus the box is full of really quality products.  They are all full of good for you ingredients and things that are good for your body.


To get the Sweet Escape box, just go to this link here.


Why not pamper and treat yourself by subscribing to a special subscription box. You will be surprised and happy whenever your delivery arrives, and you can discover some great new things too!


Subscription boxes feature a great selection of  themed products that are delivered straight to your door.  They can not only be a little treat for yourself, they can also introduce you to products that you otherwise wouldn’t have known about or tried. Here are 5 of the best subscription boxes there are for women right now.

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