An Easy & Lovely way to Send Holiday Party Invites

When you are planning a holiday party you want to send out great invites to your guests. But you just don’t have the time to source, write out and then post paper invites!

Sending invitations used to involve finding an invite, customizing it, having it printed, and then stuffing it into envelopes and mailing it out.  Or you could buy a packet of invites off the shelf, but they were never personalized or unique – and you still had to mail them out!

This is where electronic invites are amazingly simple and will save you so much time during the holidays.  Sending an electronic invite saves you time and money and they are sent out and received, instantly!

But you may think that electronic invitations are just not as nice as mailing out an invite, or as stylish and well designed. But actually it is quite the opposite. If you find the right electronic invitations you can send something that looks well designed and beautiful.  

I absolutely love using Paperless Post for my party invitations, because they are not just easy and simple to use. They have a multitude of really unique designs, including many by well-known designers such as Kate Spade, and they can all be customized and personalized. 

They also are presented in a far better way. They really are the closest that emailing gets to receiving a lovely invite in the mail!


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This is a sponsored post on behalf of Paperless Post. All opinions are my own.


How to Choose Great Holiday Party Invites

Paperless Post has a huge variety of electronic invitations to choose from. They have birthday party invitations, anniversary party invitations, house warming invitations.. really the list goes on and on!

But during the holidays I use them for all my holiday party invitations.  They stand out when they are received, more than the other electronic invitations that you can use and send online.

It is really easy too to set up an account and choose the invitations that you want to send.  

Here is a step by step guide as to how to do it, to save you even more time!


Set up an Account with Paperless Post

Just head for and set up an account.

Once you have an account set up, you just need to choose the type of invitation you are looking for. For holiday parties you would search for “holiday party” for instance. 

Once you have chosen the type of invitation you are looking for, you will have so many possibilities to look through:


You can narrow down your search by things such as theme (yes even an Ugly Sweater party!), color, card shape, whether you want a photo on there, price, and even by designer Yes that’s right – they even have Kate Spade, Oscar De La Renta, Marimekko, and other designer invites!

As to price – many of the invitations are free, while others cost just a few ‘coins’, which is Paperless Post’s currency – more about that later in this post.

I found this amazing invite that I loved for my own holiday party:



How to Customize a Party Invitation

Once you have found the invitation that you really love, you can customize it completely to how you want it to appear. Just click on the blue ‘customize’ button:



You can even choose a special backdrop if you want one!





There is so much that you can customize on the invitation.  You can change the text size, the text alignment, letter spacing, and line height. You can also change the typeface, and the color of your text.  

Once you have filled in your own information, and changed the invite to how you like it and want it to look, you then choose an envelope liner. Of course you are not going to be mailing these, but this is all part of the charm of these electronic invites, they have an envelope that you open electronically!




You can even choose a custom stamp for your envelope!




Send out your Invite!

Once you have customized every part of your invite, envelope, and envelope liner you can send out your invites!

Just enter in your guests names and email addresses. Yes this will take a little bit of time (actually not too long at all). But then Paperless Post will store that information year after year, so you never have to do it again!

Part of the great thing about using Paperless Post is that they will also do a lot of the work for you in collecting RSVPs and giving information to your invitees!

Your invitees will respond electronically, and the app will collect all yes and no answers.  It also allows you to show your complete guest list to others if you want to, and even provides a comment wall if you want your guests to comment as they reply.

Before you actually send out your invite, you can preview it to see what your guests will see, and make sure that everything looks great!


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Pricing for Invitations

Many of the invitations are free to send, but there are paid options, that are very reasonably priced.  For instance Premium cards cost 2 coins per recipient, envelopes are an additional coin, and liners an additional coin.

But the price per coin is very reasonable, and remember, you are not having to buy a stamp for your envelope – this is being done for you electronically. You are also not paying for the invitation to be printed and the envelope addressed! You are saving money on print and postage, and you also have the convenience of everything being pretty much done for you!

There are of course other services, such as evite that you can use for electronic invites. But they are not presented as nicely when you actually send the invite. Your guests will really notice the invites they receive from Paperless Post.  When I send out invites I still want my guests to know that I put some time and effort into what I am sending them.


This year I am sending out Paperless Post e-vites to my family holiday party. Between working, and running a business and family, I just don’t have time to choose an invitation, wait and pay for it to be printed with my own details, and mail them all out. I can do it all in just a couple of hours instead by doing it electronically.  Because the Paperless Post invites look so nice electronically I really don’t have to worry about my guests thinking I didn’t put the time and effort needed into my invitations!

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Note: I was not paid for this post by Paperless Post, but I did receive tokens for Paperless Post as a form of payment.  But the ideas and opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own, and not influenced at all by Paperless Post.  I personally use Paperless Post for my own needs.

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