Simple ways to add more Calm to your day, every day

Life is fast, crazy and overwhelming.  Unless you live under a rock you cannot possibly be unaffected by the fast pace of life.  

That fast pace is just not good for you. It leads to stress and anxiety.  You may feel that you never get a break, and feel just so overwhelmed.

But there are some simple actions that you can put into place to make your day, every single day, a lot more calmer.

These are easy actions to put into place.  They don’t require a lot of time or money. They are simple achievable actions to make your days much more calmer.  


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Go for a Walk


Go for a walk to your nearest green space.  Seeing nature, and trees, plants and flowers does something to our brains, and immediately makes us feel calmer and more at ease.

Walk around and actually look at things.  Look at the flowers, the trees, and the plants. Take notice of a cute dog out for a walk.  Watch children playing.  When is the last time you actually took notice of your surroundings?

Leave your phone at home, or just don’t look at it at all.  Don’t be distracted by the latest news, or what your friends are up to by constantly checking your phone.

If you have a dog, even better! Take your dog for a mindful walk. It will benefit your dog and you at the same time!

Try to put a mindful walk into your day, every single day. Not only is the exercise good for you and gets your body moving (especially if you have a desk job).  But you will see nature, and notice the beauty and lovely in life.  


Use Essential Oils

Essential oils can be great mood boosters. You can easily keep essential oils to hand – in your bag, on your desk, by your bed.  

Aromatherapy is the process of inhaling essential oils to improve your well-being.  It is well known that essential oils can help anxiety and stress.  

Use essential oils safely. They should always be diluted with a carrier oil if applied directly to the skin. They also should never be ingested by mouth.

Some of the best ways to enjoy certain essential oils are:

Lavender Essential Oils Bath
Lavender not only smells wonderful, it is incredibly relaxing.  Some ideas for a great lavender bath experience include these Lavender Epsom Salts, Lavender Bubble Bath, and Bath Bombs. Don’t use Lavender essential oil directly in the bath – it does need to be combined with some kind of carrier oil to be safe to the skin.  You could also use a diffuser in your bathroom, to pump out lavender scent as you take your bath.

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Place a diffuser on your desk or next to your bed.  The smell of certain essential oils can help you focus, calm down, or be happier.  Many essential oils can help you sleep better. See my post here on essential oils to help you sleep.


Say No More Often

This one can be hard. But the more you do it the better you will get at it!

It is absolutely OK to turn down invitations to social events every now and again.  Attending social events and parties is good for you of course, in moderation.  If instead of going drinking with work colleagues after work you choose to take your dog for a long walk instead it is totally OK!  It isn’t being boring or anti-social.  

Of course if you want to do something you should do it. But sometimes doing things makes us overwhelmed. We feel that we have to do something, even if we really just don’t want to.

There is an art to saying no of course.  If a work colleague asks you to go for a drink after work, but you really want to walk Fido in the park instead, be polite yet firm. Respond with regret that you won’t be able to spend time with that person.  “Oh I would love to Sarah, but I have other plans tonight. Perhaps we can do it next week instead?” 

Don’t let the person twist your arm.  “I promise we will only have one drink” will so easily turn into a bottle or two and then a stumbling trip home and headache the next day.  You have decided that you are going to walk Fido tonight. Stick with your plan, and be firm – but polite.  “I’m sorry, but I can’t change my plans tonight. But let’s do it next week instead.” 


Treat Yourself

The saying “A little bit of what you fancy does you good” is so true!

Treat yourself to something every day. This doesn’t mean going to Tiffany’s and getting that diamond necklace you have always wanted! (but hey – good for you if you can do that!)

It means treating yourself to little simple things, but things which bring you some joy. This can just mean a nice coffee in the morning on your way to work, making a nicer breakfast that you actually sit and enjoy eating.  It can mean going to an exercise class, or reading in bed for 20 minutes every night.

A lot of the time the simple things mean more than extravagance.  Do one thing every day that you regard as a treat. 

These simple, easy and inexpensive things can put more calm in your day, every day


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