Make Calm Lovely is a lifestyle blog dedicated to making your life calmer and lovelier.  I show you great DIY projects for you, your home, and for others, as well as organization tips to make your life easier.

Make Calm Lovely will show you:

Things to make.  I feature great DIY and craft projects that you can make for you, your home, or for others.  Making and creating is a great stress relief.  You can create beautiful and lovely things that are unique and cost a lot less than buying them on Etsy!

Calm.  I show you projects to help you stay calmer, more relaxed and less stressed in life.  That includes organizing projects and ways to get you and your family and home more organized. I also have great Resource Library full of Printables to download that will help you get more calm and organized.

Lovely. I show you the lovely in life. Lovely for you, your home, and your life.  I show you great home decor ideas, products and more. .

IKEA Hacks.  Ever since I published my first post on IKEA hacks, my readers have loved IKEA hacks!  I didn’t find IKEA hacks for this blog, they found me! I carry on giving my readers what they want with lots of IKEA hacks. IKEA hacks totally fit in with this blog – they are lovely design, lovely prices, and lovely to look at!

Here are some of my most popular posts:

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Blogging has been a great discovery and hobby for me.  I have learned so much in starting a blog. (If you are interested in starting your own blog check out my post here!)


Who am I?

My name is Jae and I am the blogger behind Make Calm Lovely. 

I was born and grew up in England.  I married an American and moved to the US, where I have lived ever since. I have two children and a Labradoodle.  I love watching British TV (especially dramas like The Crown and all British comedy!), and anything vintage.  I love (and miss) the English countryside, and being out on the water in the summer.  

This blog may be an eclectic mix of things – but that pretty much sums up me.  This blog is full of everything that matters to me, and that I want to bring to you.


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I love to hear from you!  What do you most need help with in your busy life? What can I write about or research to help you? Email me anytime at [email protected], or complete this contact form.


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