9 IKEA Hacks for Small Kitchens


If your kitchen is small you will struggle with storage and counter-space.  But here are 9 DIY hacks using IKEA products that can completely make your tiny kitchen easier to live with!

You may love your small kitchen, but with all the equipment we tend to have in our kitchens these days you may be finding it really hard to find storage and work space in your tiny kitchen.

That is where IKEA hacks come in!  IKEA hacks are ways in which you can take an IKEA item and turn it into something else, or create a different use for it.

My post on 14 Great IKEA Hacks for your Kitchen covers some great kitchen hacks already. But I wanted to really focus on if your kitchen is small and tiny in this post, which has unique challenges.

Completely changing and renovating your small kitchen may not be possible. It may be a rental that you really cannot touch, or it may be a cost consideration. But a little DIY can create wonderful possibilities in your kitchen!

So check out these 9 amazing ideas to make your small kitchen one you will love!

Kitchen island IKEA hack made from Kallax unit.

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Create a Kitchen Island

A kitchen island can create additional storage and work space in your kitchen.  What’s more, it can be done easily and inexpensively.

One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to create a kitchen island is with the IKEA Kallax unit.  This basic unit that IKEA sells comes in a lovely white color (other colors are also available).

By adding a wooden worktop, wheels, doors, and storage rails you can easily create a great additional space to prepare food and store equipment too. You can see this great hack here.

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Create Great Storage for your most used Items

Your most used products and items in your kitchen may be the things that clutter your surfaces the most.

This amazing and easy hack allows you to create much needed storage space for all those coffee pods that you use constantly!

This. DIY hack uses the Grundtal rails, which are cleverly converted into coffee pod storage!  Finally you can get all those coffee pods off your countertops and easily access them too! You can see this great hack here.

Use Rails for Storage

IKEA sells great storage rails, including Grundtal and Fintorp.  They are great for hanging all kinds of things in your kitchen, from utensils, oven gloves and tea towels, and so much more.

But you can also jazz them up, just like in this brillliant hack!  This takes the IKEA Grundtal rail and turns it into a pretty handing space for all your mugs.  

Get those mugs out of your small cupboard and use that much needed space for something else with this hack! You can see it right here.

Create Hanging Storage Space on your Wall

This incredibly clever hack takes a slatted bed base from IKEA, and by mounting it on your kitchen wall you can create so much storage space!

S-Hooks can be used to hang baskets, utensils and so much more from this wall hanging!  You can keep so much to hand easily with this DIY! You can see it here.

Use Something Unexpected for Great Additional Storage

This great storage hack uses an IKEA magazine file!  You can attach it under your sink to store things, or attach it inside any cupboard door to create amazing storage for things like foil, plastic wrap, and any essentials that you need to organize.  See it here!

Create Storage for your Cookery Books

Cookery books are one of the hardest things to store in a kitchen. They either take up counter space, or you have to have shelves to perch them on.

But this idea can make use of otherwise redundant wall space in your kitchen. Just install IKEA picture ledges, and you can display your cookery books which will not only look attractive, it also means you can find what you are looking for really easily!  See the idea here.

Create a Storage Chest 

A storage chest can help you store a lot of items together in one place to be easily accessed.

You can store things such as coffee making supplies, certain foods, spices, and so much more.

This IKEA Moppe hack turns this popular little chest into a beautiful apothecary style storage chest. You can see it here.

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Install a Charging Station

If you normally charge your phones on your kitchen counter, taking up space and also adding to the general clutter in your kitchen, why not consider creating a special charging station?

This charging station won’t use up a lot of space, in fact it will use up dead space in your kitchen, and keep all your electronics together easy to find! You can see it right here.

Keep Herbs to Hand

If you grow your own herbs, you will want them handy to use whenever you are cooking.

But if you don’t have a windowsill, or somewhere good to keep those pots of herbs, it can be hard to have them available for use.

So this is where this IKEA hack comes in! Create a little herb garden with this hack, that is accessible and easy to use. You can see it here.

Use a Storage Cart

IKEA sells so many wonderful storage carts, that are perfect for creating additional shelves and storage space in your kitchen.

One of the most popular storage carts is the Raskog cart. It is available in 3 different colors (and you can spray paint it if you want a different color too!).

The Raskog cart looks really good, and can store all kinds of things in your kitchen, including pots and pans, food, it can be set up as a coffee station, pantry and so much more! See IKEA’s range of storage carts here.

White IKEA Raskog storage cart.

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If your kitchen is small you will struggle with storage and counter-space.  But here are 9 DIY hacks using IKEA products that can completely make your tiny kitchen easier to live with!

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