7 Organizing Projects to do in your home while Social Distancing

If you need to keep busy while you are social distancing, here are 7  organizing projects that you can do in your home right now.


First of all, if you or your loved ones have the virus, I am so sorry, and I hope you recover soon and fast.  

To be honest, I am getting through this tough time right now by keeping as busy as I can.  I find that by keeping busy I take my mind off all the bad stuff going on.  

If you are confined to your home, there are many organizing projects that you can do right now. Not only will your home benefit from it, I really do believe your mental health will benefit too, as you are keeping busy and being productive.

These 7 organizing projects are perfect to do right now in your home. 



7 Organizing Projects to do while Social Distancing


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1. Organize your Refrigerator

I wrote about organizing your refrigerator in this post right here.  Now is a great time to organize your refrigerator, especially as you are probably trying to make your food last for as long as possible, storing more food than usual, and trying to make use of what you already have in your home.

2.Organize your Freezer

Your freezer is probably being used to store far more than usual right now.  But before you go shopping and load more and more items into your freezer, take stock of what you already have.

Throw out anything that is way too old and past any sell by/use by dates, even if it is frozen. Frozen food doesn’t keep forever.

Throw away anything that is spilling or leaking.

Take stock of what you already have in your freezer.  Inventory what you have in there.  As you buy new items, inventory them too. That way when you are planning meals you know what you have.  This is much easier than raking through your freezer every time you are meal planning.


3.Go through your Books

Now is a great time to go through your book collection.

By going through your books you can see what books you have that you never read, but might want to now read.

You can pull out your favorite books and read them again.

You can also figure out what books you don’t want to keep anymore. Place anything you don’t want in a box and donate it.

You can either arrange a pick up from your home (most charities these days will do pick-ups from home). Or wait until everything is back to normal (as I write this I do so hope we will get back to normal soon…) and then donate it.

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4.Organize your Pantry

I recently wrote about organizing your pantry in this post here.  You are going to be using your pantry a lot right now.

Having pantry staples on hand at all times is always a good idea.  

Right now would be a good time to go through everything in your pantry. Throw out anything old and expired.  Throw out anything leaking or spilling. Arrange what you do have back in your pantry neatly.

Make an inventory of everything that you have in your pantry. That way, when you are planning meals, you know exactly what you have to use.  You don’t want to have to go through everything in your pantry every time you are coming up with meal ideas.

Don’t forget to label everything. Because especially if you are putting things into jars and containers, it can be really hard to remember what is in them (certain flours for instance all look the same in a jar). I use this inexpensive and amazing labelling machine that I absolutely love to label everything in my home!


5.Organize your Closets

Now is the time that you can finally organize those closets that you have been meaning to organize for so long!

You can see my post here with 8 Tips for Organizing your closet just like Professional Organizers do

I also have a post right here on How to Organize & Declutter your Clothes Closet


6. Organize your Clothes

In the Eastern US we are right in the middle of seasons right now. We are moving out of winter into spring, gradually!

Depending on where you live, and what season you are in, go through your clothing and sort out clothes you will need for the coming season.

Sort through your clothes and place anything you no longer want or need into a box or bag to donate.  Fix anything that needs to be fixed or mended.  

Now is also the time to evaluate how you are storing your clothes, and organize that storage.  Take a look at these great Laundry Hamper Ideas to keep your clothes organized.


7. Declutter Your Home

This is also a good time to declutter your entire home:

93 Things to Declutter in Your Home Right Now

How & Where to Start Decluttering Your Home

8 Fast & Easy Decluttering Projects to do in less than 10 Minutes



BONUS! Take the 30 Day Decluttering Challenge!  My 30 Day Decluttering Challenge is the perfect challenge to keep you busy every day! There is one challenge a day for 30 days, so decluttering your home is an achievable goal, as it is split into manageable small steps! Find out more about the challenge right here.


I hope that you and your loved ones stay well during this trying time.  Look after yourself, and check in on others as much as possible.






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  1. Sharon
    March 14, 2020 / 1:20 pm

    Good advice for these crazy times!