64 Easy Self Care Ideas for you

Self care isn’t selfish or a luxury. Self care for yourself is a need. That includes not just care for your body, but also for your mind. Here are   64 self care ideas that are easy for you to pursue!


Self care isn’t selfish or a luxury.  Self care also doesn’t have to mean luxury, pampering and spending money.

Self care is about the care of your body and your mind, both together.  

Self care can be as simple as just taking a walk, or as elaborate as going to a day spa.

You may not think you have the time to spend on yourself, but many things you can do for your own health and well being are fast and easy.

Take a look at the list here of self care ideas. There are ideas for when you don’t have a lot of time, and ideas for when you have more time. There are ideas for your body, and ideas for your mind.


64 Easy Self Care Ideas. Easy self care ideas for you


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64 Easy Ideas for Self Care Activities

A 10-Minute Yoga session
Take a 10-15 minute walk

Say no to something you really don’t want to do
Take a bath
Listen to a podcast
Light a scented candle
Make a healthy smoothie
Watch a favorite TV show
Get an extra 15 minutes of sleep
Don’t check your email or social media for a couple of hours
Meditate for 10 minutes
Play with your dog or cat
Buy yourself a special fancy coffee
Take a quick nap
Sit in your garden for 15 minutes 
Play your favorite song
Buy a bunch of fresh flowers
Put on a face mask
Order a takeout for dinner
Color in a coloring book
Sit in a coffee shop and people watch
Get up before everyone else
Wear an outfit that you feel great in
Buy yourself a treat while you grocery shop
Listen to an audio book
Read a chapter or two of a book
Write a list of things you are grateful for
Buy a new pretty water bottle and drink more water
Buy a healthy lunch
Make a cup of herbal tea
Get a massage
Avoid a toxic person
Watch a TV show or movie that makes you laugh
Call a friend on the phone
Clean out your car
Delegate something to someone else
Buy shoes!
Get a manicure
Get a pedicure
Use essential oils
Make a healthy soothing drink
Give someone a hug
Ask somebody for help
Research a hobby or craft you’ve always wanted to do
Adopt a pet
Take your dog for a walk
Write in your journal
Go for a swim
Go out in the sunshine
Go to the gym
Clear some clutter in your home
Take a lunchtime stroll
Schedule time to just breathe
Let the light into your home, open your shades 
Watch a nature program
Do some gardening
Volunteer your time for a good cause
Get your hair cut and styled
Plan a vacation
Take a course on something you are interested in
Buy new bedding for your bed
Just do nothing for a while
Write a letter to somebody
Sleep in 


Write out your Self Care Ideas

Write down your ideas for self care activities with this free downloadable Self Care Ideas Planner! 

Write down all the things you want to do for your own self care. Then keep it close by to remind yourself constantly what to do for your own self care!





Don’t think that you don’t have time for self care and looking after yourself?  Check out this list of self care ideas, and start taking care of yourself today!

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