6 Things to Clean in Your Home that Drive you the Craziest!


If you are inside your home more than usual, are you really noticing the dirt?!  These 6 spaces  in your home are a great starting point to getting your home really clean right now!

If you are currently stuck inside your home for more time than you ever have before, you are probably noticing all kinds of things that need to be cleaned and tidied!

I know that I am spending more time in certain rooms, and it is amazing what I am spotting that I didn’t before!

Or you may have cleaning tasks around your home that need to be done, but that you have put off and procrastinated on!

Now is the time to get things done in your home.  Now that you have some spare time, and need as much productivity and distractions as you can get!

Here are 6 things that are the most common problem areas in our homes, that you may want to tackle cleaning and tidying right now!


6 Things to Clean in your home that drive you the craziest! Clean these 6 areas of your home right now when you have more time


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Really Clean Your Shower

You probably clean your shower on a fairly regularly basis already, but is it usually just a quick wipe down with bleach or a bathroom cleaner?

If your shower has limescale and black mould now is the time to tackle that.

You can make your own shower cleaning solution by mixing up a ratio of 50/50 white vinegar and water.  Use an old spray bottle and spray the inside of your shower completely.

Don’t forget that shower head!  They can get clogged with limescale so easily.  Spray the vinegar/water solution on it and wrap it in a plastic bag to sit and work.  Or you can remove it and soak it in the vinegar solution.

For black mould that is stubborn, really the best thing is bleach. But if you are having trouble getting bleach right now, you can try to soak the worst areas for as long as possible with the vinegar solution.

Most shower curtains can go in the washing machine. If you have some black mould on the edges of your curtain, add a little bleach to the wash. Or just wash it a few times.


Clean out That Junk Drawer!

Yes you know that annoying junk drawer that you have somewhere in your home!

That drawer collects everything it seems.  You may shove things in there that you don’t have a home for elsewhere! 

Take everything out of that drawer and give it a good clean down! Wipe it down and remove all the dust and debris that is probably sitting on the bottom. If you are able to, remove the drawer and give it a good shake out over a trash can.

Going forward you want this drawer to be more organized. Buy drawer dividers so you can keep your stuff sorted and tidier.   Or you can make your own drawer dividers out of cereal boxes.  

Re-home the stuff in that drawer where it really belongs.  Throw out anything that is clearly trash. You have to be tough here – if you are keeping something in case it comes in handy one day, perhaps now you should just throw it out?

Clean Your Oven

Nobody likes to clean their oven! Have you been putting off cleaning it? Or are you just now really noticing how bad it is?!

There are many oven cleaners on the market, but most of these are so heavy duty, and the chemicals and associated fumes and smell are so off putting and so bad. I advise using a more natural method to clean your oven. 

Regular dish washing liquid can work just as well as those heavy-duty oven cleaners, it may just take a little longer. Take out all the shelves and trays from your oven, and place them to soak somewhere while you tackle the main part of your oven.

Make a solution of dish washing liquid (stronger more concentrated dish washing liquids will work better for this) and water, and wipe down the inside of your oven.  Leave the solution to sit for a while and then rinse. You may have to do this a few times until your oven comes really clean.

Note: Always make sure your oven is cool before tackling any cleaning. 

Need to keep your oven clean going forward? Invest in some oven liners.  They collect drips and dirt and you can just remove them and throw them away or rinse them and replace them, saving you a lot of oven cleaning.


Clean Your Windows

Have you been looking at a patch on your window glass for a while? Or you know your windows are dirty, but you haven’t had the time to clean them?

Now is the time to give your windows a really good clean.

That means cleaning both the glass, and the window frames.  

For window glass, either use a window cleaning solution, or you can make your own window cleaner using white vinegar. White vinegar really is a wonder product when it comes to cleaning.

Wipe over window frames and ledges with a damp cloth. If your frames are wooden be careful that the cloth isn’t too wet.


What is Lurking Under Your Bed?

When was the last time you actually looked under your bed?! Chances are you have all kinds of things shoved under your bed, as that’s an easy storage area in your home.

Go ahead and pull everything out from under your bed. This is going to be messy I warn you – as everything is probably coated in dust. But think how much cleaner that room is going to be once you get rid of that huge source of dust and dirt!

Go through all the stuff that you pulled out. Is some of it trash? Does some of it belong somewhere else?  

Vacuum completely under the bed, and dust everything off.

Now only put back what is absolutely essential to store under your bed.  

Under your bed is of course a great storage area, especially when you don’t have a huge house or apartment. Therefore you could try to maximize that storage area right now by investing in products to help you store things neatly under there.

If you have a lot of shoes, under your bed can be a great storage area, especially when using these under bed shoe storage containers.  These under bed plastic storage bins will keep everything stored neatly and organized, and you can see what is in there easily! Plus they roll out easily.


Give Your Sofa a Thorough Clean

Your sofa goes through a lot in your home. Right now it is probably going through more!

Give your sofa a really good thorough vacuum cleaning. If you have special attachments on your vacuum, now is the time to actually use them to get into smaller spaces!

If your sofa is stained, gently rub out those stains with a damp cloth. Don’t use anything too abrasive to clean your sofa. If you are worried about what effect cleaning may have on your sofa, do a spot test first on an area that isn’t easily seen.

If your sofa is really stained, use a steam cleaner to really get it clean.  

Some sofa cushions can be washed, so check the labels to make sure.


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You probably have far more areas in your home that need cleaning, especially now you are noticing them! But these 6 places are a good start!


If you are inside your home more than usual, are you really noticing the dirt?!  These 6 spaces  in your home are a great starting point to getting your home really clean right now!

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