5 Ways to Really get Your Family Organized

When you are the one in charge of organizing everything in your family, including household dates, appointments and more, it can be so incredibly overwhelming. Between doctor’s appointments, vet appointments, kids sports, parent evenings and more, you have so much to remember. But here are 5 ways that can help you out, so that you never forget an appointment ever again!


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1 Deal With Paper Straight Away

Many medical and doctors offices and especially schools, still send out paper reminders in the mail, or home with your children.  It is so easy to just throw those bits of paper on a ‘to do’ pile, only for them to get lost and never seen again, let alone ever dealt with.

The trick to staying on top of these never ending missives is to deal with that paper straight away. Write the date down in a diary or add the date and details to a calendar, and then dispose of the piece of paper, unless there’s a good reason that you need to keep it. If you’re not keen on throwing the paper away, then take a photo of it or scan it and save in your computer documents. The worst thing you can do is to have it lying around, adding to the pile, never to be looked at again!


2 Get Colourful

If you’re in charge of your household arrangements, dividing appointments into different colours for different family members can be a great way of getting more organized. Colour coding makes it easier to find things in planners and diaries, and for you to immediately see something that stands out.

Use diaries and calendars that are lovely to use for this, such as these from Mambi.

Planners don’t have to be boring or like the kind that you find hung up in offices up and down the country. Instead make them fun and interactive so you’re happy to make use of them day after day. A planner and diary needs to be lovely, and fun!


3 Do the Hard Work

Yes, this means sitting down and entering in all those diary dates straight away in a diary or planner,  to make sure that birthdays, anniversaries and other special days are all accounted for. It is time consuming and it is boring, but it is so invaluable.

If you’re someone who uses an electronic diary, either on a phone or computer you might be able to transfer these key dates year after year.

As soon as you get a new diary or planner, write all those important dates in it immediately. It won’t be a fun task to do, but it won’t take you long, and you will be so much more organized if you do.


4 Go Weekly

It’s all very well having the dates in your family diary or online, but if you want to help encourage your family to take some responsibility then having that information available for everyone to see will help enormously.

Have a weekly planner on display somewhere that everyone in your entire family can see. Great locations for this are on your fridge or on the back of a cupboard door. Update the planner weekly so that everyone knows where they need to be and what they’re doing day to day. Go colour-coordinated if it helps and use pictures for your pre-readers.

When everyone knows what is going on, and when, your entire home, and family life, will be much more organized.


5 Be Consistent

If getting everyone to the right place at the right time is taking up most of your time and energy, then chances are you’re struggling to keep on top of other things, particularly if one or both of you also works full or part-time.

This is the time to create a household routine that works for you. Allocate jobs (and make sure to include your children) on a daily basis.  Whether that’s feeding animals, making beds, taking out the trash, vacuuming or tidying up. Don’t try and overload yourself on one day but consistently tackle the house one room or one job per day. Get the momentum going and you’ll soon notice an overall improvement.


No one said getting organised was easy but it’s a lot easier and far less stressful then missing appointments and trying to remember which child has swimming, which has football and when the dog’s booster shots are due.

Getting organised involves a little bit of groundwork to get started but once you’ve bought a planner and updated your calendar you’ll soon be up and running.
Deal with paperwork straight away and be ruthless at throwing away anything you don’t need. Take the stress out of 2020 with a well-organised family and a household where everyone lends a hand and helps spread the workload. Get all these things in place and you’ll be on track for the best organised year yet!


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