30 of the yummiest hot chocolate recipes

Hot chocolate is just the absolute best thing in the cold weather, and the perfect winter drink.  It tastes wonderful enough straight from a container bought from the grocery store, but there are so many ways it can be added to and made into something pretty amazing! I have really been needing hot comforting drinks again lately (could it be something to do with that biting cold outside?!), but I was tired of those shop-bought concoctions that are just petty blah tasting for the most part. So I looked around for some great, different and exciting recipes, and gradually worked my way through them all!


30 of the yummiest hot chocolate recipes 



Check out these 30 wonderful recipes below that I have come across in my search for the perfect one.  All these recipes make a great cup of steaming hot delightful bliss!  There are ingredients galore in all these recipes: sprinkles, cake mix, liqueur, marshmallows, peppermint, cinnamon, nutmeg, cherry, berries, almonds, hazelnuts, gingerbread, red velvet, eggnog, sea salt, coconut, Oreo cookies, as well as recipes from many countries, and of many colors!

So without further ado – check out all these great recipes here!



French Hot Chocolate by Well Plated by Erin

This is absolutely straight-up pure hot velvet – the French way!  No store-bought packets here in this recipe – this is a complete cup of pure heaven!


Photo: Well Plated by Erin


Peppermint White by CincyShopper.com

This white hot concoction has a creamy zing to it!  The peppermint makes this drink something to be sipped and remembered!


Photo: Cincyshopper.com


Amaretto Hot Chocolate from Delightfulemade.com

This is a wonderful concoction that includes Amaretto liqueur, almonds and whipped cream!  This is pure pleasure in a cup!


Photo: Delightfulemade.com


Lindt Italian from Knead to Eat

This recipe is a decadent,  thick gorgeous treat!  Pure indulgence!


Photo: Knead to Eat


Creamy Dulce De Leche by Happy Foods Tube

One of the things I absolutely love is Dulce de Leche – so you can imagine how excited I was to find this recipe!  This is just pure delight!


Photo: Happy Foods Tube





Icelandic Hot Chocolate from Savory Tooth

This recipe actually contains sea salt!  Sipping this you can be transported all the way to a cozy little cafe in Iceland!


Photo: Savory Tooth


Cookies and Cream Hot Chocolate from Sprinkle Some Sugar

This creamy hot treat is absolutely full of tasty, crunchy, crushed Oreo cookies.


Photo: Sprinkle Some Sugar


Gingerbread Hot Chocolate from Frugal Mom Eh

This is a healthier version with coconut milk, honey and spices, with a coconut milk whipped cream. A great combination with gingerbread.


Photo: Frugal Mom Eh


Sugar Cookie Hot Chocolate from Halfbaked Harvest

This is a dark concoction with whipped cream, sugar cookies and marshmallows.  It is made with sweetened condensed milk, and is just a cup of pure sweetness!


Photo: Halfbaked Harvest


Smores Hot Chocolate from Domestically Blissful

This is a cupful of your favorite campfire treat!  Full of marshmallows and graham crackers.


Photo: Domestically Blissful


Nutella Hot Chocolate from CafeDelights.com

This is a gorgeous hazelnut hot delight featuring the Nutella we all love, complete with hazelnuts sprinkled on top.


Photo: CafeDelights.com



Mint White Hot Chocolate from the Gracious Wife

This recipe is a delicious creamy burst of peppermint.


Photo: The Gracious Wife


Cherry Hot Chocolate from Tastes of Lizzy T

This recipe has cherry juice and a cherry on top! For a very interesting and tasty flavor combination.


Photo: Tastes of Lizzy T


Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate from Tidy Mom

This is just like drinking a pumpkin pie!


Photo: Tidy Mom


Vegan Hot Chocolate from The Vegan 8

This recipe which is suitable for Vegans or those of you who just don’t want cow’s milk, contains coconut milk.  The coconut milk makes into a lovely creamy hot treat.


Photo: The Vegan 8


Tequila Spiked Mexican from Diary of an e Sloth

This one is definately for the adults! But you could take out the alcohol for anyone who can’t or shouldn’t have it!
It is spicy and hot, and also completely Vegan.


Photo: Diary of an e Sloth


Unicorn Hot Chocolate from Imperial Sugar

This one is jumping on that unicorn fad, and makes a pretty colorful decadent hot creamy drink. You will be sure to impress those you serve this to!


Photo: Imperial Sugar


Pink Hot Chocolate from Baking Mischief

This is a pinky white creamy sizzling treat!


Photo: Baking Mischief


Hot Chocolate Floats from Sugar Hero

This recipe is basically ice cream and hot delight!  The ice cream melts into heated mixture for a pretty dynamic taste!


Recipe: Sugar Hero


Red Velvet Hot Chocolate from Annie’s Noms

Velvety smooth and red with sweetened whipped cream.  A sweet unique twist.


Photo: Annie’s Noms


Snickerdoodle Hot Chocolate from Lemon Tree Dwelling

This delightful treat has cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla and is topped with cinnamon sugar whipped cream.


Photo: Lemon Tree Dwelling


Eggnog Hot Chocolate from In Katrina’s Kitchen

This white hot delight has eggnog and nutmeg.  Perfect for the holidays!


Photo: In Katrina’s Kitchen


Spiced Red Wine from Afternoon Espresso

Oh I know quite a few people who would love this!  This is pure naughtiness, but tasty too!


Photo: Afternoon Espresso


Belgian Hot Chocolate from Busy Creating Memories

This is rich, smooth, absolute gourmet bliss!


Photo: Jade Louise Designs/Busy Creating Memories



Blackberry Hot Chocolate from Little Sugar Snaps

Get some of your 5-a-day with this hot delicious mix!  The chocolate and berry mix go so well together and create a gorgeous flavored concoction.


Photo: Little Sugar Snaps


Spiked Vanilla Cinnamon Hot Chocolate from Celebrating Sweets

This recipe includes Vanilla Bailey’s Irish Cream. The base drink without the alcohol is tasty enough to leave out the alcohol if you wish to. (Consider making your own Irish Cream to stir into this!)


Photo: Celebrating Sweets


Harry Potter Butterbeer from Bakingdom

A treat for any Harry Potter fan – and anyone fan or not!  This is a great twist on the Butterbeer of J.K. Rowling’s creation!


Photo: Bakingdom


Snowball Hot Chocolate from Bitz n Giggles

This is creamy, rich and amazing, complete with ice cream added to the hot sizzling mix.  The hot and cold mix will zing your senses!


Photo: Bitz n Giggles


Matcha Honey Hot Chocolate from How Sweet Eats

This matcha honey mix is full of creamy herby tasting goodness.


Photo: How Sweet Eats


Funfetti Hot Chocolate from Homemade Ginger

This is stocked full of white cake mix and funfetti sprinkles.  A very sweet treat!


Photo: Homemade Ginger


Hope you are able to enjoy all, our most of these delicious hot concoctions!  Not only are these all fun to make, everyone you serve them to will love them!


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