15 Gorgeous Mid Century Modern Christmas Decorating Ideas from Amazon

Mid-Century Modern style is a beautiful style for our homes.  So decorate your home for Christmas in the style too with these 15 gorgeous Christmas decorating ideas from Amazon.


Mid Century Modern, or 50s style as it was once known, is all the rage again.

It is a beautiful colorful and stylish style for your home year round. But at Christmas time and during the holidays don’t forget to decorate your home in the style too!

So check out all these ideas that are available from Amazon for amazing and gorgeous Christmas decor and decorations!

What is Mid-Century Modern Style?

Mid-Century Modern style is the name given to furnishings from the middle of the 20th century.

The style evolved out of post-WWII, when people were trying to style their homes with colorful and optimistic furnishings, in contrast to the drab furnishings of before.

Mid Century Modern design is about functionality, clean lines, and simplicity.

Shapes used were geometric, and metal, glass, wood, and vinyl were common materials used at that time.

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Here are all the Mid Century Modern Christmas Design & Decorating Ideas from Amazon

Color Wheel

A Color Wheel will light up your Christmas tree – especially an aluminum or tinsel one!  This is a great investment for a Mid-Century Modern style Christmas!

Retro Modern Christmas Tree Skirt

This pretty Retro Modern Christmas Tree Skirt is perfect for your Mid-Century style Christmas!  It would look especially great with a Christmas tree that is colorful, tinsel, or aluminum.

Silver Tinsel Christmas Tree

This pretty Tinsel Silver Christmas Tree is the perfect Mid-Century Modern tree for your home! Use bright and colorful ornaments to really make it shine and stand out!

Starburst Christmas Tree Topper

This is a really great Christmas Tree Topper that is unique and will really hone in on that Mid-Century Mood!

Red Colorful Christmas Tree

This beautiful colorful red Christmas tree is just perfect for that 50s vibe!  You could decorate it with all one color baubles, or stick to the colorful baubles too!


Glitter Starburst Ornaments

These perfect glitter starburst ornaments are just perfect for your tree!  They come in beautiful colors, and would look good on a colorful tree, as well as a silver or aluminum tree.

Santa’s Soda Shop, Retro Village Table Top Display

This retro Santa’s Soda Shop table top display is just what you need to add a Mid Century touch to your home. Place it on a table top, wall shelf, or anywhere else it will set the vibe.

Decorative Throw Cushions

These stylish Mid Century Modern Style throw pillows are perfect for throwing onto your sofa and chairs for Christmas!

Mid Century Modern Christmas Stocking

You need a Mid Century Modern Christmas stocking if you want to really embrace that 50s style!

Mid-Century Modern Cat Christmas Stocking

Here is another amazing Mid Century Modern style Christmas stocking, in the great modern cat style!

Mid Century Modern Christmas Card Display

Even your Christmas cards need a Mid Century Modern display!  Pin your cards to this stylish 50s Christmas card holder!

Christmas Baubles Mid Century Modern Wall Print

Your walls need to be Mid-Century Modern style too! Get this pretty and stylish Christmas bauble print to hang proudly on the walls of your home.

Mid Century Modern Star Christmas Bauble

These pretty Mid Century Modern style Christmas ornaments can be placed not only on your Christmas tree. They can also be used to top presents that you give to others for a unique gift idea.

Santa Table Runner

This Retro style Santa table runner looks so vintage and is perfect for creating that 50s style vibe in your home!

Colorful Glass Baubles

These colorful glass baubles are so vintage looking, they look like antiques instead of brand new baubles.

So decorate your home this Christmas in this amazing style!

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Mid-Century Modern style is a beautiful style for our homes.  So decorate your home for Christmas in the style too with these 15 gorgeous Christmas decorating ideas from Amazon.

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