11 Great Christmas Gifts for the Work From Home Parent

If you are stuck on a Christmas gift to give this year, these gift ideas for work from home parents will help you out!   Work from home parents need things to help them navigate their work and family life, so consider these great gift ideas for them!


It has been a difficult year, so hopefully Christmas and the holidays can at least be a little relaxing for most, if not all of us.

Gift buying should be high up on your to do list. Reward your family and friends this year with a lovely gift from you. But instead of that bottle of perfume, or those zany socks, how about a gift that will help them out in their everyday life right now?

They have had a hard year juggling working from home (or a hybrid of home and office), dealing with their kids, and probably having to oversee homeschooling them too.

These 11 gifts are the perfect Christmas gifts for parents who are working from home, juggling a home and family, a busy schedule and so much more!

Surprise them this Christmas with something nice and so in tune with their life.  Check out the gift idea at the end also! It may just make you chuckle!

Christmas gifts for the work from home parent


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Robot Vacuum Cleaner

A robot vacuum cleaner is honestly something I just cannot live without now.  It has been such a time saver in cleaning my home.  I can program it to clean my home before I get home, or to even clean it while I am home.

A robot vacuum cleaner will run around and vacuum wherever you want it to. Just like having a cleaning person in your home doing the vacuuming while you do other things!

That is why a robot vacuum cleaner is such a great gift to give to somebody. It is one less cleaning and home chore they will have to worry about and find the time to do. (Related: you can see my robot vacuum review here!)


Subscription Box Membership

Subscription boxes really are the gift that keep on giving! A subscription to a subscription box that aligns with their likes and needs would be the most wonderful gift.

Every time they receive another subscription box will be just like Christmas all over again!

Cratejoy has some amazing subscription boxes, for pretty much everything. If they love to cook, love to knit, love to discover new beers, or want to learn new things, there is a subscription box for everything and everyone!


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Noise Cancelling Headphones

These are not just for them to sit back and listen to music (when they actually get the chance!). These noise cancelling headphones are perfect for shutting out all the noise in the household when they need to get work done.

They are also perfect for shutting out noises if they need to go to a coffee shop or other space to work.  Plus when traveling starts again, these will be perfect for any flights they need to take.


Instant Pot

An Instant Pot is an amazing piece of kit for a kitchen, and they will absolutely love it!

An Instant Pot is a slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, and even a yogurt maker! It does 7 things in one pot.  They will be able to whip up meals in no time at all. They can also let the Instant Pot make the meals for them while they are finishing up work or tending to the kids.

After a long day of work and family, they are going to need all the help they can get! These pots also go on sale around Black Friday and around the holidays, so watch out also for special deals!


Audible Membership

Give them another gift that keeps on giving. An Audible membership means that they have access to all kinds of audio books, for fun, learning, education, or whatever they want to read about.

An Audible membership means they can have audio books on tap, to listen to when they want to relax, when they are doing their housework, or even laying in the bath! They can also listen to books as they work!


Coffee Maker

A programmable coffee maker is a must for any busy parent.  They can set this up so that they have piping hot coffee ready made for them when they stumble downstairs in the morning!

This coffee maker will keep them going throughout the day, and this model has a great single serve brewer also, for those cups of coffee to go that they need to make up.


Gourmet Coffee Subscription

Another thing that they need, perhaps to go with that coffee maker above! is a coffee subscription!

Give them a 3 month subscription to Bean Box Gourmet Coffee Sampler.

Apple Ear Pods

Apple Ear Pods really are the creme de la creme of headphones and earphones.  They are so comfortable to wear that they will easily forget they are wearing them. This will help them get through long days of Zoom calls and all those calls!

When they are able to relax, they can wear these as they work out, run, walk, or anything.  This is a special gift that somebody is less likely to buy themselves.



Balance Ball Chair

If they are finding it hard to juggle working from home, and dealing with home and family, so there is no time for them to get in shape and exercise, this balance ball chair would make the perfect gift for them.

This will keep them in shape, while they sit all day!



Retro Radio Speaker

This cute retro radio will sit on their desk and play all their favorite radio stations. But the great thing is, they can also plug in their iPhone to play podcasts and music on it too.


Backyard Office Shed

Yes of course this is a bit of a dream one!  A back yard office shed!  But hey, perhaps you are in the position to gift one of these to somebody!

Certainly if working from home is getting too much for them, this garden office shed will provide escape. They only have to commute to work down their garden path each day!


Give somebody you care about a great gift this Christmas. It has been a hard year. Everyone has been through so much. So give them a gift that will help them out and actually reward them!

If you are stuck on a Christmas gift to give this year, these gift ideas for work from home parents will help you out!   Work from home parents need things to help them navigate their work and family life, so consider these great gift ideas for them!


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