10 Products that you don’t expect to find at IKEA!

If you love IKEA as much as I do, you will know that you can get just about anything you need there for your home and garden.  However, when I say just about anything you need, it doesn’t mean EVERYTHING!  We all go to their stores for certain items that we know they sell, such as furniture, kitchen and bathroom items, kids items and more.  But they can surprise us sometimes by stocking things that are just not, well, IKEA!  Here are 10 items that IKEA currently sells that you just wouldn’t expect to find there!


10 products you don't expect to find at IKEA





I don’t know about you, but if I need to purchase a potty, IKEA is probably the last place I would think of to run out and get one from!  This Lockig potty model is actually the higher end potty that sells for $9.99. They also have a cheaper version on offer.






This air freshener apparently gives off the scent of grass, vanilla and sandlewood!  It is a pretty lilac color and sells for just $1.99. I would expect to get air freshener at my grocery store, or local pharmacy – but certainly not from IKEA!




Yes you don’t expect to find a flying disk at IKEA! This is their own frisbie version for your furry dog friend. It retails at just 99 cents!  (and humans can probably use this too!). This is all part of the new pet range for cats and dogs that they are now stocking (and its a fab range too!).



These 100% Polyester slippers are just $2.99 a pair! I would not expect to find, or even buy, my slippers at IKEA! But they are a good price, and pretty comfortable at that!





So you are looking for a bicycle trailer – IKEA would certainly be your first stop for that wouldn’t it!  NOT!  Who would ever consider them for a bicycle trailer?!  But this trailer is pretty nice looking and sturdy at that.  This bicycle trailer fits most bikes, and can be used to transport your groceries, or whatever you need to pull along behind you. It is $179 in stores (currently there is a discount on this item if you are an IKEA FAMILY member for quite considerable savings).



Again – wouldn’t expect to get my bathrobes at IKEA (or any of my clothing at that!)  This Njuta 100% cotton bathrobe sells for $24.99 (IKEA FAMILY members currently get a discount on this item). It’s a pretty good price for a 100% cotton robe.





This pop-up sun and wind shelter can be used on the beach, in your garden or wherever you need shelter! It is $24.99 in stores. Again, not an item I would usually run out to IKEA for! But it’s a great item, and if you have kids or pets, you may need this.




This outdoor umbrella cover protects your umbrella from rain, sun, dirt, dust and pollen, when it is not in use.  It comes in its own storage bag, and is only $14.99 from stores and online.  I would expect to find this in a hardware store not IKEA. Oh well!



This Hjartelig yoga strap retails for just $3.99 in stores.  IKEA for your yoga supplies?!  But yes it is a thing, and they even sell yoga blocks and yoga mats!  Who knew!




Trash bags are a surprise find at IKEA stores.  I guess they do sell lots of trash cans and bins, so why not, but still this is a surprise!  They sell several different packs of trash bags, in 6, 12 or 19 gallon sizes in stores!




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